Boots No7 Radiance Boosting Hot Cloth Cleanser Review

I love cleansers! Cream type, Balm type, Foam type, Gel type, Oil type – it doesn’t actually matter what type but if it looks good I will give it a go.

I’ve been trying out more things from Boots No. 7 Skincare lately and I think its pretty decent stuff especially the newer ranges (Protect & Perfect and Life & Luminate).

One of their newer additions is the Hot Cloth Cleanser, similar to the other cleanser that include a ‘cloth’ – Liz Earle, Eve Lom, Soap & Glory etc.

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The Radiance Boosting Hot Cloth Cleanser is not a balm but a rich, creamy cleanser. You get a generous large pump of product and a small muslin cloth in the set.

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I have to say I’m not a fan of using muslin cloths to clean. I get that they have a slightly rough texture and therefore can exfoliate too but I find them to thin, too small, to easily soiled.

I prefer a fluffy face flannel any day (its how my momma always washed my face as a child!).

Here is the cream – a glorious creamy opaque white concoction:

Boots No.7 Hot Cloth Cleanser.jpg

This is my favourite kind of cream cleanser, rich and easily..erm, spreadable…How to Use

Close your eyes, using your fingertips, gently massage over dry skin in upward circular motions. Run the muslin cloth under comfortably hot water, wring out the excess and place cloth over your face and relax whilst the hot cloth gently opens your pores. Then, using the cloth, lightly polish off the cleanser in circular motions, to remove any impurities. To finish; splash your face with cold water, to close your pores, and pat dry.

This won’t remove your mascara and things – use a make up remover first.

No 7 hot cloth cleanser.jpg

So I used this for a while and I really really like it! For one thing its a lot cheaper than the likes of Eve Lom and easily bought from any Boots store.

Its nice to use and its easy to wash off too. My skin felt softer, and not too dried out afterwards. I definitely prefer to use this cleanser with a flannel though (not the provided little cloth).

I’m not sure how far this cleanser truly registers as a hot cloth cleanser…I mean its feels like a rich cream cleanser, and it will wash off with water itself where as a balmy cleanser would need the help of a cloth…

Well who cares…its a fabulous cleanser and will last for ages.


boots no 7 cleansing cloths.jpg

You can buy it online here for £8.75 or in stores (there’s always lots of offers going on with Boots No. 7).

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  1. judy says

    Not the most pocket friendly of prices but this cleanser has done me well for three weeks. I didnt have the usual break outs that i get when i change products.i’d recommend it certainly.