Boots No. 17 Photo Flawless Foundation & Primer Review

Boots No. 17’s newest primer and foundation is called Photo Flawless – who doesn’t want to look flawless in pictures eh? I do find that foundations (such as Make Up For Ever HD) make you look a bit ‘dead’ in real life. So how would this duo compare?

I am madly into primers of all kinds so this teeny tube piqued my interest.

17 make-up artist Vanesa Guallar says:

“Apply the silky formula all over your face and to the eye area and massage into the skin. Not only will it ensure your make-up is even by minimising pores, it will create the perfect canvas for your foundation allowing it to glide on seamlessly.”


The foundation is available in Natural, Fair, Biscuit, Ivory, Honey and Caramel. These professional creamy satin finish foundations will seamlessly cover spots and dark circles and give you 24 hours of long lasting even coverage from morning ‘til night.

I got the one in Honey…
Here are the textures of the product:


The primer is a silicone one, which gives that instant glidey silky feeling to the skin. It does cover pores quite well and smooths things out as most silicone primers do – there is just a tiny quantity though at 8ml! Tiny! You can only use it on certain spots or you’ll get through this in days.

The foundation is extremely thick – thus somewhat tricky to work with. You can pat it on to the skin (the best way I found to apply it) but with a brush it seemed to sit on the skin and streak. Also honey which is usually ok for me was too light in this foundation so I guess I’d me more of a caramel (I am about NC30-35).

Before – you can see my cheeks are quite red:


After – the coverage is excellent but it’s such a thick foundation it’s almost mask like and you can see it is a good few shades too pale for me:


With this being Boots No. 17 the price point is good; the Primer is £4.99 (but you only get 8ml) and the flawless foundation is £6.29.

See the range here.

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  1. Galen says


    I’ve been very confused by the size of the primer – the Boots website originally said it only had 8ml in it, but it has been updated to say 15ml now. And the one I saw in store was almost definitely 15ml in size…

  2. says

    I have both these products, the primer is tiny! The foundation is nice but way too dark for me, I have the lightest shade which is still wrong :-( But I really like the mascara from this collection! xx

  3. Jen says

    It’s a shame that I’ve never been able to find a good matching shade in the 17 range, they’re always slightly too pinky tone for me, and run too light or too dark. The foundation does look slightly mask-like, I guess in photos it might be good because it covers up flaws, but in real-life no good for me :(
    How is the primer, does it help prolong the wear of the foundation? Thanks for the review, I think I may give these a miss this time as I’ve already got enough primers and foundations to get through as it is!
    By the way, do you know when the 17 Vintage Love collection hits the shops? I’ve read 28th Jan on websites, but I can’t see anything on the website or in shops either :(

  4. says

    I got both of these a few weeks ago,the 8ml primer came free with the foundation and that suckered me into buying it! I have only used both once as i wasnt too impressed with either..but I will give it another go before I completley write it off! xxx

  5. says

    It’s odd to have such a tiny primer! And eh, I don’t like mask-like foundations :/ Thanks for the review! It’s good to know how this foundie performs.