Boots Extracts Collection, Body Butters and Scrub

Boots has launched a new Extracts collection, full of body care items, and some lip balms too, all based around the idea of using natural and ethical ingredients. Yep – very similar to The Body Shop. I’m actually surprised its taken them this long.

With the Boots Extracts range we take our social and ecological responsibilities very seriously. We also try to reduce the negative impact of the ingredients we use on the planet wherever we can. With the Extracts range, we’ve established real working supply chains around the world, which we take care of: the communities that make the ingredients, the environment that the ingredients come from and the way the ingredients are transported.

* Boots Extracts use crushed walnut shells and apricot seeds as exfoliants in our body scrubs.
* Vanilla extract is a warm and comforting ingredient, derived from the Madagascar bourbon vanilla bean.
* Amazonian brazil nut oil which is highly nutritive and rich in the vitamins and selenium that keep skin soft and smooth.
* Made from the kernel of the fruit, nectarine oil is packed with essential fatty acids, which keep the skin supple and hydrated.
* The classic almond oil is naturally non-greasy and perfect for ageing or dry skin.

Sound good? Good!

Cocoa Butter Scrub:




I used this today and I really like it. For £7.34 you get lots of scrub and its a real scrubby scrub – full of sugar, so quite a firm textured product. I like it!

Olive & Brazil Nut Body Butters (£7.34):




Olive smells more like pear. It’s a nice cream, sinks in easily and all that.

Brazil Nut:


This one seemed to have separated a little – a clear jelly type substance was inside the tub. I scooped it out, but it did seem to rub into the skin ok.


This one smells quite sweet rather than nutty. I have to say, the two scents I have tried out were overly….exaggerated? I love the smells of brazil nuts and olives and I wish the scents were more authentic rather than the obvious.

These did sink in nicely in the skin – I will be doing a side by side comparison with The Body Shops Body Butter very very soon.

Cocoa Butter Lip Balm:




First ingredient is Petrolatum!

This feels like your standard lip balm, quite glossy and light on the lips but nothing special. Cocoa Butter is very plain, the Almond or Mango lip balm may be more delcious. It’s £3.34.

There are lots of rather nice sounding flavours – Avocado, Almond, Rosehip, Coconut, Mange, Shea Butter, Bergamot and more. It’s 2 items for £10 at the moment from

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  1. Libby says

    Hey :)
    unrelated to the post but the illamasqua lipstick arrived a couple of days ago and thank you sooo much! It’s so lovely and pigmented and amaaazing ^_^

    • Row says

      Hi Libby

      I was just thinking about that weirdly enough, if you had got the lipstick or not as I took a chance by just sticking it in the post box! Glad you liked it! x