Boots Botanics Facial Sponges, Buffers and Facial Loofah Review

I am really into cleansing at the moment, ever since I bought an excellent facial sponge from eBay (which was subsequently chewed by a cat) I have been on the hunt for a replacement.

Boots Botanics, not a range I usually buy from, has a selection of four sponges for cleansing.

1. Facial Buffer Sponge
2. Facial Loofah
3. Deep Cleansing Sponge
4. Soft Facial Cleansing Sponge


I can’t remember the exact prices of the two sponges I bought, they range from £2 to £3 so quite affordable as long as you take care of them and reuse them for a while!

Here is my quick review of each sponge.

1. Deep Cleansing Sponge


This yellow sponge is very spongey and absorbent. It’s not abrasive and works really well with cream or foaming products. It has that sort of rubbery feel to it and holes which make up tends to get stuck in. However, this is a really nice one for gentle exfoliation and the one I’d recommend for general use.

2. Facial Buffer Sponge


This reminds me the foam you find inside a teddy bear – wadding is it called? It’s probably the least likely to stand up to rigorous use because the fibers are quite loose. I think it’s good for scrubbing areas like the nose and also the lips if you have dry skin.

3. Facial Loofah


This is a weird one – you get a few of these in a pack (presumably they don’t last too long) and they are wafer thin! They are good for buffing the skin but it’s actually quite gentle and non abrasive too.

They sort of suck up the water and swell a little. Because they aren’t very firm…I guess they are somewhat tricky to hold and use when your hands a wet. Probably the least useful of the lot.

4. Soft Facial Cleansing Sponge


This one has that rubbery feeling and reminds me the most of my beloved sponge that was chewed up.

It’s resilient, so its hard to rip apart and it’s very very soft – great for delicate skins. I’d say this one is really useful for every day (although it is WHITE – how quickly is it going to get dirty!)

If you don’t want to use anything rough or scrubby on your skin this is probably the best choice for you.

It did do one weird thing though – all the ones I saw in the show sweated in the packet! It made me think….this sponge is alive! Alive I tell you!

But it’s not, I tried having a conversation with it, and it was non responsive.


Try a sponge if you feel like your skin isn’t clean enough with just cleanser and water! I can’t live without a sponge now (I can’t always be arsed with the Clarisonic!).

* I was sent two of these from PR, the other two I bought to complete the set!

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  1. says

    Thanks for this – I am a bit obsessed with cleansing, even though I have rather sensitive skin, haven’t tried any of these although the facial buffer reminds me of the Buf Puf, which I sloughed away my upper dermis with throughout my teens, what with that and Aapri I’m suprised I have any skin left! Now use Clarisonic which is aaaammmaaazing