Book Review: Eye Candy

You can never have too many make up books, right? Sometimes there isn’t much that is new to discover in Make Up books but it’s always nice to see some nice pics and get some ideas.

I got this book, Eye Candy by Linda Mason from Amazon for £6.

Its a small book that is softbound  50 random looks for £6? Bargain.

The book is split into futher catergories; Flirtatious, Funky, Glam, Hot etc.  Apparently the artist has working with the super models like Kate Moss, Naomi Cambell and Jasmine LeBon.

The book has a recipe style layout. On one side is the photo, on the other is the colours needed and where to place the colour with some very simple directions.

Did I like it.  Not at all.

I found he pictures very unprofessional.  They looked like slightly better than your average snapshop images.  The models looks like girls off the street…ok there’s nothing wrong about that but I didn’t find the make up particuraly inspiring or…dare I say it….neat.  It looked sloppy.  They weren’t look I would want to copy; there are far better eye looks from people on Make Up Alley.

Examples of looks:

What do you think?  I had another flick and I can’t find any looks I really like.  Quite of the pictures of slightly blurring and would benefit from a little contrast adjustment in photoshop.  Just a tweak – hey it makes all the difference!

You know what – this is not a book I would ever use – I don’t even think its pretty enough just to look at. I think I will pass this on to my 13 year old cousin who is learning about eye make up and is probably less critical than me!

Bah, this is not a book I recommend, unfortunately.  Go back to the god that is Kevyn Aucoin (any of his books) or the Nars book is also nice.

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  1. says

    I own another book by Linda Mason titled ‘Makeup: The Art of Beauty’; it should have been called ‘Makeup: The Art of Bullshit’ because the book is comprised of 30% useful info and 70% pure BS.

    There’s a reason ‘Eye Candy’ was only £6.

  2. Row says

    Hi Pandy

    get lost! the cover price was a staggering £7.99!!!! I mean yeah, sure I saved £2…..

    Its a big pile of poop. Not even got some pretty piccies for me to look at.

  3. Chica says

    Thank you so much for saving me £6 Row! I’ve been considering buying this for a couple of weeks but what a pile of crap, who is rating this highly on Amazon?

  4. Zereen says

    Have you seen Rae Morris’ book? Think it’s called The Ultimate Makeup or something similar. It’s not in the same league as the Nars or Aucoin book but it’s lovely all the same.

  5. Row says

    Hey Zereen – I haven’t seen Rae Morris’s book – I have tons and tons of them so these days i like to see something dynamic or different, hence I keep buying beauty books from Asia. i will check it out though!

  6. alina says

    wow so apparently i’m the only one who got some use out of this book?
    i think its great. i’ve already tried a few of the looks and they came out looking pretty good.
    you never know if you’ll like things like this unless you try it

    • Row says

      Hi Alina

      I guess its each to its own – I really disliked some of the earlier books by Bobbi Brown but them some people swear by it. You can take an idea after all and translate it into something stunning by yourself but I just found this particular look quite messy and uninspiring – but that’s just me. We’d love yto see your eye looks!

  7. alina says

    yea i definitely add my own twist to most of them. i usually like darker/ heavier eye makeup 😀
    for example the Neon look, i add black eyeliner to my bottom rim and gold brown eyeliner bellow my bottom lashes.
    you’re right though, some of the looks ARE a little over the top haha

    • Row says

      Hey Alina

      Hey, whatever works for you right :) I love the heavier eye looks too but thats just me!