Boobs & Chest Check! Herbalife Skin Activator Decolletage Cream Review

I bet you know that Herbalife do diet products but did you know they also did skincare?
Yep! So with an open mind I tested their Skin Activator Decolletage – I want to keep that area of me nice and plump anyhow!

Herbalife Decolletage Cream

They say:

This luxurious cream is specially formulated for skin in the neck, chest and cleavage. As we age and spend time in the sun, this skin becomes thinner and prone to wrinkles. This smoothes the appearance of crepe-like cleavage that can reveal a woman’s age, and includes collagen-building Glucosamine Complex aids hydration and firms skin.

I don’t really expose that part of my body too much but I am aware that it’s not too pretty when the skin round there gets very crinkly. At the same time (does any one else get this?) I find some creams if too rich, give me little spots around that are!Maybe my skin is sensitive there? Either way I don’t tend to take my products far down the neck because of this fear of a break out.

The packaging is very plain on this product which is surprising as this product retails for £50!

Herbalife Decolletage Cream

I think this cream should have SPF! That would be idea but as it is I just use it at night time when I remember. I love how this cream feels on my skin although for the price there are lots of alternatives our there for less, if a decolletage cream is what you are looking for.


Herbalife Decolletage Cream

Verdict: I like this product a lot but in all honesty it’s hard to explain why you should use this and not a much cheaper alternative! I think if you already have a cream you apply to the chest area which you have no problems with stick to that. If you are ready to spend a bit on a cream that seems to improve texture and clarity, try this out!

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    • Row says

      Yeah Jen I’d say unless you have a real need for Boob cream I’d stick to something a bit cheaper!