Boob Job! Price – Your Dignity!

So I’m watching a documentary about a website that women can join if they want a boob job for free, and a number of lonely, desperate men all over the world, who cannot get a woman in real life donate towards the surgery.

But this is not a proper charity! No, in return you need to do nude pictures in order to raise money. So the more nude you get and the more porno-riffic you get the more donations you get. Men can actually make requests and orders, similar to the process in Burger King.

It’s kind of like porn, but it doesn’t feel so bad because men pretend that they are doing to “improve the girls self esteem” and girls pretend it doesn’t matter because it “gets them what they want”. Because all that matters in this life, is getting what you want. Screw dignity!

Free Breast Implants, Free Boob Job, Free Plastic Surgery Financing.

Do men realise that you don’t get to keep the girl afterwards? I suppose you get more interaction using this site then with porn or those awful chat line adverts that come on TV after 11pm.

But seriously ladies – as a woman who has naturally large babylons, let me tell you it isn’t that much fun – you can’t wear nice clothes, everything takes an extra effort to look good on. You are always slouched over, and you have to wear a bra 99% of the time. You get backache. You dread the day you become pregnant. I don’t understand why anyone would want big boobs THAT badly – if it’s for a boy, then then boy isn’t much of a boy if all he cares about is your boobies.

And if you do still want a boob job, that much, so so so so much that you would drape yourself topless over the sofa, in front of your husband and child and take some photos, then post them on the web where anyone can get hold of them, in a bid to get more donations towards your new bionic breasts, here’s a clue –


That’s right. Instead of whoring your body parts out for money how about using a bit of elbow grease and earning that money the old fashioned way?

Anyway, I suggest a new website.

What happens is, girls like us write down our wishlist items (no need to be conservative here ladies), and men from all over the world view our profiles and in return for pictures of us wearing eyeliner, or mascara, or if we’re really adventurous, lipliner – we get money towards the stash!

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  1. says

    These women are daft! Can they not simply stuff their bras like other women do?!?

    If only there was a site where I could donate my large, cumbersome D-cups to some poor, needy soul and receive her small, perky tits in exchange; it would be like Makeupalley, only more jiggly and less bitchy.

    • Row says

      Yeah Mandy – boob exchange. I’d love some little B cups or something – oh the freedom i would feel! I would run about topless all the time!

  2. Elizabeth says

    I watched that last night too. On virgin which is becomming a porn channel really. How awful were the pictures as well! Cowgirl in front of the sofa and tv? Deary me.

    • Row says

      Hey Elizabeth

      Oh my! That was horrific. And the girl who went to the strip club to get career advice :o/

  3. Dawn says

    I can speak from personal experience on the site…I have been on it for 2 months and have earned over $400 in less than a month without doing any nude photos/videos/etc. I don’t see any harm in talking with someone who needs company, if he wants to donate, then great! BTW there are plenty of good guys on there, they’re not ALL weirdo creeps! But yes, about 90% of the girls on the site basically do porn. They even do webcam shows for $1 a minute!! It’s ridiculous, I mean if you’re going to use yourself and get naked on cam, just be a camgirl!!!—atleast you’ll be making a decent amount of $$$ then!! Anyways, I’m leaving the site because it is much more vulgar than I expected. Although I have made this much so far while keeping my dignity, it just requires too much time(3 hrs A DAY atleast!) on the computer…But yes, if you are determined, and have the time, it does indeed work!!! To each her own. And if a man wants to donate his hard earned $$$ towards someones boobies, then he can make that decision himself! After all, they’re all grown @– men!