5 Days of Lashes: No. 1 Aube Couture Designing Mascara Review

I bought this Aube Couture Designing Mascara after seeing Kathi’s review (her blog is one of my favourite blogs ever). I accumulate mascaras so much, too much, but I guess I am after the ‘perfect’ one…

I think I found the perfect one once, it was by Aube and it was called the Coilcomb mascara….and then they discontinued it, just as mine was starting to dry up. D’oh!

Apart from that one, the only ones I know that work for TRULY holding curl (and aren’t discontinued) are: Heroine Make, SANA Big Lash, Integrate (all types). But they all have something in common; they are horrific to remove.

So no HG.

Here is Aube Couture’s Designing Mascara. Not cheap really about £15:


The packaging is very chic, it’s a simple light pink case:


This is a fibre free mascara and it adds length, volume and separates. The brush looks promising a I like these skinny brushes for my kind of lashes:


The separation with this mascara is excellent. I’ve used it a few times and it does give nice length too.

But apart from that – I found this mascara wasn’t dramatic enough for me PLUS, it went a bit lumpy after 2 coats and whilst it didn’t totally weigh down my lashes it didn’t enhance the curl either.

The brush is an excellent shape but it felt like to took ages just to get my lashes even coated:


I noticed quite a few clumpy bits under my eye and some even got into my eye which made me rub them eek!

It really goes to show mascara’s work so differently on people

So, if you have long and lush lashes this mascara may work well for you – if you have puny lashes like me, not so much.

What is your most recent mascara purchase?

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  1. Mandy says

    maybelline magnum mascara actually managed to hold the curl on my stick straight asian lashes and it gives good volume too, all without being impossible to remove.. the only thing short of perfection is that it smudges a little somehow, at the outer corners of the eyes. it’s not obvious to others but we see it on ourselves.