Bomb Cosmetics Goodies: Vanilla Honey Candle, Pepperland Scrub and Honolulu Healer Review

Have you heard of Bomb Cosmetics? If you haven’t heard of them you may’ve seen their products in various well known department stores, I know I have, but had never really looked closely at the range.  It reminded me of Lush; interesting concepts, cute packaging, an emphasis on natural ingredients but less of that….you know, smell, when you walk past the shop. 

Anyway, with a closer inspection the Bomb Cosmetics range I have discovered is a. huge b. interesting (I had this idea in my head that if it was a LUSH Mark II, it may lack the creativity and be more of a generic all-about-soaps brand, but not at all).  They do body care items, hair care, skincare, candles, home fragrance and of course, a ton of bath products. 

I have 3 products here to talk about today. 

BOMB Cosmetics 1
Firstly, I love the packaging. It’s cute and memorable, it is reminiscent of LUSH packaging (or maybe it’s the font that reminds me of it) but it’s also very sturdy, the kind of stuff you could send to someone in the post and you wouldn’t worry about it leaking everywhere.  There’s also an explanation on the lid of what the product is.  

First off, a body scrub, Pepperland (£7.99) which I chose because it just sounded so interesting and I love these oil and salt/sugar scrubs because once you’ve rinsed yourself, there’s usually still a hydrating layer on your skin, so good for us lazier kids. 

The top layer of this has some coriander (I think) chopped up and peppercorns. I know, it looks like something you’d dress your salad in. It’s got a good texture though, the right amount of scrub and oil (always mix this up before using so you get an even amount) and a masculine sort of herby scent which I quite like. 

This also contains walnut shell powder, sweet almond oil, clary oil and more. You get get 365ml in a tub so it’s quite economical too. 

Bomb Cosmetics pepperland

Next up is a face mask Honolulu Honey (£7.99).  This mask has natural clays and is good for soothing the skin and also for clarifying the skin.  I really like mud masks and this one has some clay in it, and clary sage and sweet marjoram.  This has a sort of musky-fruity smell which is really quite soothing.  

Apply this mask and wait for at least 5 minutes – it’s a drying mask, so you can wash it off quite easily afterwards.  I felt my skin tingle with the first application but luckily it was just a small tingle not an allergy, and afterwards my skin felt tighter, refreshed and also ready for a spot of errr, extracting.  

Bomb cosmetics honolulu healer

Finally Bomb Cosmetics have a vast range of lovely candles in a tins, tea cups, paint tins or jars!!!  I chose Vanilla Honey (£7.99) which is a sweet gourmand scent – not everyones cup of tea but I find a warm sweet vanilla so comforting in the home.

There’s also a floral centre of ylang ylang, jasmine and lilies, as well as vetiver and cedarwood essential oils.  There’s a burn time of 35 hours with this candle.

Vanilla honey candle

Anyway I loved everything I’ve tried so far, but the range is so big there’s more things I want to try!  Here are some of my other picks that I think look good –

– Juicy Pineapple Lip Balm (yum!) 

– Honey Hair Mask 

– Liquid Sunshine Cooling Body Lotion

– Aloha Wave Face Cream

– Little Hotties Wax Melts (small tarts you can buy to mix and match to combine scents)

– Orange Mai Tai Painted Love Candle

– Parma Violet Wave Soap (a soap in a sponge, for use in the shower)

Ummm see what I mean? Huge range. 


A fun, cheerful range of products, a huge selection of products at a decent price.  Similar to LUSH, but for me personally I straggle to get their products to work for me (whenever I try something from them my bath ends up dyed, or a ton of crap ends up blocking the sink etc). so I feel like BOMB is somewhat more accessible. 

Check everything out here.

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