Bobbi Brown Pink Makeover

Did a quick look for my lazy Saturday. Was taking Megan to her Kung Fu lesson and didn’t want to look like an overdressed tranny (what can I say? I start to play with make up and run out of time and end up being shoved out the door with 5 shades of eyeshadow on) so I used the Bobbi Brown Blushed Pink collection.

Bobbi+Brown+Blushed+Pink.jpg (JPEG Image, 301x400 pixels).jpg

I want her headband, hair and face.

The two shades I have of pink blushed are really glittery, but quite sheer. Not normally my thing but it worked well for a day look with a bit of funk.

Bobbi Brown Blushed Pink Collection |

I used both of the lip colours too, I really liked the texture of the gloss, which was quite soft as opposed to a hard gloss in a pot:

Bobbi Brown Blushed Pink Collection |

I used my Illamasqua black cake liner and sealer – I loveeee it. Its a real true black, it didn’t smudge, it works perfectly with their liner brush and I got a big dollop of it in my eye and apart from having a black eye for a bit, it didn’t sting one bit.


To show off the sparkles:


Slightly untranny look. I used Bobbi Brown Glitter shadows in Mica and Ballet, and the pink lip colour – in the spirit of glitter I used Nars Super Orgasm on the cheeks. Everyone near me was glitterfied that day.



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