Bobbi Brown Palettes – Nudes, Raspberry and Beige, Beige, Beige

Seeing as Bobbi Brown cheered me up last Friday, I decided to treat myself to a few of her goodies..

I know that I slagged her nude collection off, but since it was on HK Facial Shop for £27 (as opposed to the £40 UK price) unboxed, I decided it was time for a treat (for falling asleep at 1am every night).

The nude palette is quite nice – the quality is up there of course, although I still concur that the eyeshadows are very samey – surely one contour colour wouldn’t go amiss (a matte brown Bobbi?). Even the SA was like – ‘Well…you can’t really use the palette on its own.’ – Great salesmanship there!

I also got the Raspberry face palette (old news, I know), at least there is a pop of colour on this. I can imagine this would be a lovely bridal palette.

I indulged, at a counter, in two of the Pot Cheek/Lip Colours. Lovely! These have a sticky and pigmented texture, the kind of thing that really does work on cheek or lip. I don’t even like the Multiple on Lips, I have it for cheeks only, but the BB product is lovely as a multi tasker.

I love creamy compact foundations (my favourite is MAQUillage – it is DA BOMB!), so since BB’s new baby is just that, I figured I’d give it a go. This shade is 3.5, Medium Beige-

So far so good. The coverge is not as good as MAQUillage, but its still smooth and moisturising. My skin gets flaky throught the day so this works for me but I would avoid like the plague if I were even remotely oily.

I’ll keep using it and see update you on how it goes!

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