Bobbi Brown made my day!

I’ve a bit of a reignited love affair with Bobbi Brown. Yes, yes, I know I was moaning about the nude palette not so long ago, but I have started to think that nudes might be a chic way to go.

At the moment I have the raspberry palette in the post and the Nudes at around £27 each, thanks to the wonder that is HK Facial Shop.

Then I got a package through the post from Bobbi Brown – huh? Last time I ordered from them, I complained. What was this, a crushed shimmerbrick as revenge?

But it was a first anniversary of gift!

Now it isn’t very often I get a freebie in the post, especially something as cool as this!

I am also fascinated by the Pot Rouges for lips and cheeks. I bought this little sample tub from Ebay for a measly £4 in Summer Tan.

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  1. MandyPandy says

    Bobbi Brown is from the US. Bobbi Brown lives in my home state. I have spent hundreds of dollars at Bobbi Brown, and have never once recieved so much as a sample. Bobbi Brown MUST DIE.

    But yeah, it’s good to see that they give out awesome freebies in the UK. Yet another reason to move there, I suppose.

  2. Row says

    Mandy Pandy –

    You are right of course – if anyone shud get free stuff its you :) Plus I always send abusive emails to the CS dept and still they send me gifts! Ok, ok I’m rubbing it in a bit

    don’t move here, seriously. No amount of free make up can make the dreary weather, miserable people and lame television worth it