Bobbi Brown does what she always does

Yes, I’m talking nudes.

How is this even interesting or inspiring. Bobbi Brown is all about muted tones! Bobbi Brown does Rainbow, now thats a collection I’d like to see.

I purchased the Bobbi Brown Chocolate Palette from Christmas and sold it off having being unable to spoil the surface of the colours. It was such a dull palette.

Having said that watching the Video on her website I am temped a teeny weeny bit by the nude palette. There is a freshness to the nude look of course, and it does always look youthful and slick.

At £40…well I’ll consider it, but the eyeshadow colours look very similar – shades of bone, and the lip colours are all a bit browny-beige, so even if it does it ‘all skin tones’ I am presuming most of us don’t share our palettes with our white, black, yellow friends so I don’t see how these colours are all that versatile. Which shade of cream shall I wear today?

What can I say, I’m an aqua-blue kinda girl myself.

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