Bobbi Brown Creamy Compact Foundation

If there’s one thing I love for my dry skin, it’s a good creamy compact foundation.

The powder ones just don’t work on my skin – I look like I’ve dunked my head in a bowl of flour.

I already own –

Benefit Foundation Faker (Too sheer)
Paul & Joe Moisturising Compact (A bit oily)
Shiseido Hydro Compact (Nice but I can’t stand the scent)
Shu Uemura Water Perfect (Colour is a bit off, and it doesn’t last)
Chanel Tient Innocence (hate the smell and its too oily)
MAQUillage Climax Compact – perfect! Medium Coverage, long lasting smoothing…so why did I dabble in something else?

Because I am a dabbler.

Bobbi Brown releases the Creamy Compact. How could I resist? BB is good at the foundation stuff, no?

The blurb says:

This unique emollient compact formula provides all-day wear and all-day moisturisation, as it instantly softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and delivers a soft, radiant finish. Formulated with ingredients to prevent moisture loss, and Jojoba Oil and Avocado Oil to moisturise and condition skin. Provides medium to full coverage. A portable alternative to your liquid foundation or if you prefer compact foundation. Ideal for Normal to Dry Skins.

I bought this in Medium Warm.

It looks oily in the pan. The colour match is ok.

The product is AWFUL.

Coverage is non-existent. It is like putting on grease with none of the benefits. I noticed with this foundation that throughout the day, it clumped on areas of my face, my nose, my cheeks, and my chin. Yuk! It’s not a nice compact to touch up with either because there is barely any coverage anyway, its like you are just adding to the oil slick.

Well it must add some kind of glow? No, it didn’t on me. It gave the sheerest coverage and highlighted all the lumps and bumps on my skin. Yuk!

Why don’t we have a decent returns policy in the UK? Cos if we did, this product would get its ass whooped back to the counter so fast.

Try this foundation – so you can hate it too.

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  1. yummy411 says

    jaw drops! wow. i thought that i didn’t buy bobbi brown because it didn’t have the fun, artsy bells and whistles that mac did… but now that i can appreciate the toned down, sophisticated look. hmmmm bobbi brown continues to underwhelm….

    like smashbox, minus the advertising….

  2. Row says

    Yeah! I hated the BB nude palette too – I knew I would but I bought it anyway!

    One thing of theirs I do love it the pot lip/cheek rouge. Yeah thats fab but everything else is meh. This foundation is terrible!

  3. MandyPandy says

    Bobbi brown can never get foundation or concealer color right. You always end up in between colors and the sales girls try to convince you to buy both shades and blend.

    I’ve always wondered at the purpose of sheer-coverage cream foundations. Why put it in cream form if it’s going to be sheer? Don’t even get me started on Benefit’s ‘Some Kinda Wonderful’!

    I’m dying to try nVey Eco’s cream foundation, which is said to be full coverage (though probably medium) and good for sensitive skin.

  4. Row says

    Well, exactly. Creamy and sheer? What for??!?! Its like a sheer coverage concealer? Why?!

    They tried that with me, I was like, I want a On the go foundation! not a sit on the bus and blend as you go foundation! T’was not happy.