Bobbi Brown Chocolate Palette & Pink Bronze Shimmerbrick

In my old middle age (well, approaching middle twenties), I have started to like nudes more and more for that clean sophisticated look. So I knew I wanted this Limited Edition Bobbi Brown Chocolate Palette when I saw it.

Three of the shades of eyeshadow, except for bone are exclusive to the palette.

The top tier of wearable lip colours (the chocolate infused with gold is especially gorgeous), comprising of two glosses and two lipstick colours (all exclusive to the palatte.

I like shimmerbricks, but I don’t love them – I find the separate strips of colour difficult to distinguish but I missed out on the Gold Palette last year and decided this years Pink Bronze was close enough.

Here are the pics of my palettes:

I really like the chocolate palette. I have collected a few multi-use ones from this holiday season and what you find a lot is that either they have tried to fit so much stuff in that you can’t get much colour from the tidgy squares, OR, there are one or two totally unappealing colours.

This Chocolate palette is safe, safe, safe but isn’t that just Bobbi Brown in general? This palette is perfect because it is foolproof and no mistake. The four brown shadows are all you need to shape and shade the eyes and the colours range from medium to light…its a lovely palette. Not exciting but all you would need is this for your day to day look.

The pink bronze leaves a nice pinky – gold shade..its nice. As ususal I don’t love it but its quite nice, but to sparkly for any mass area – never mind. I needed a pink tone to add to the beige, bronze and apricot (my favourite) shimmerbricks…

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