Bobbi Brown Cabana Corals Collection Spring 2010

Too, too gorgeous.

I love Corals. I don’t get why people are scared of them. But then again, I don’t get why people are scared of lurid blue-green multi-sparkle glitter.

But no, my pretties – Coral is not like that. Coral is Peach’s cousin. Coral is not quite Orange. Coral is that instant perk-me-up….I love Coral. I am sure that every skintone can wear a certain hue or coral that will look amazing on them.

Anyway here is Bobbi Brown’s Cabana Corals offering which I had to post the images off, because its just too gorge.

bobbi brown cabana corals.jpg

Let’s play, buy or not to buy?

Bobbi Brown Shimmerbrick in Nectar Shimmerbrick (Limited Edition) £29.50:

bobbi brown Nectar ShimmerBrick.jpg

Me: A buy, yep, nectar sounds peachy-honey like. Its also Limited Edition and only £29.50 – I thought Shimmerbricks cost more like £40? I must have made that up!

Bobbi Brown Pink Quartz Shimmerbrick (Limited Edition) £29.50:

bobbi brown PinksQuartz shimmerBrick.jpg

Me: Possible buy. Looks more cool toned and muted, which I like but it depends how frosty it will be. Its Limited Edition so I would be tempted to buy it anyway.

The Lip Colours (3 metallic, 2 normal lip colours) £15.50 each:

Bobbi brown coral lip colours.jpg

Shades a little clearer:

bobbi brown cabana corals-1.jpg

Metallic Lip Color:

1. Coral Reef
2. Calypso Glaze
3. Coral Glaze (Limited Edition)

Lip Colour:

4. Cabo Coral (Limited Edition)
5. Guava

Me: I must have Cabo Coral and I also love the look of Guava – but as that’s not limited I am likely to nab Coral Glaze from the Metallic Lip Color range as I am a fan of the texture.

The Metallic Lip Gloss, £14 each in

1. Sunset Beach (Limited Edition)
2. Coral Sand (Limited Edition)
3. Golden Nectar (Limited Edition)

Bobbi Brown shimmer lip gloss coral cabana.jpg

Me: I was going to say I am least interested in Lip Glosses but Sunset Beach is just my kind of shade. And yes, its Limited.

The Cabana Corals Lip & Eye Palette, £48, Limited Edition:

bobbi brown coral palette.jpg

Me: Possible Buy. Could be a nice investment if you don’t want to buy too many bits here and there. Not so interested in lip palette colours (even though these shades are exclusive to the palette) but those eyeshadows – stunning! I think they’d look amazing on blue and brown eyes.

Pot Rouge in California Coral, £16.50

bobbi brown pot rouge in coral-1.jpg

Me: This is a no brainer for me – I just LOVE the Pot Rouges and this will for for the cheek or the lips on my complexion. Not limited edition but this is one item I will 100% get my hands on. *evil cackle*

So my imaginary must have list is:

Pot Rouge in California Coral
Lip Shimmer in Sunset Beach
Cabo Coral Lip Colour
Coral Glaze Lip Colour
Nectar Shimmerbrick

My other luxury add ons are:

Pink Quartz Shimmerbrick
Coral Sand Lip Gloss
Coral Lip & Eye Palette

So what do you think? Convinced you into making friends with Coral? Like the look of this collection?

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  1. says

    The shimmer bricks are a bit too rich for my blood. Luckily, we have the Milani Glimmer Stripes here in the States: they’ve been on clearance at my local CVS’ so I’ve been snatching ’em up left and right (@ $2 apiece, I’d be foolish not to).

    • Row says

      Hi Lucky

      Oooh I will check them out. Muse has a few milani runway eyes for me, shes so damn busy tho I need to pin her down (literally, with a sledgehammer)

  2. says

    I got myself both the shimmerbricks & the rouge pot, loving the corals from this collection. Totally worth burning a little hole in the pocket. =)