BNTM Make Up Videos

Ok I found some pretty entertaining make up videos from Britains Next Top Model.

Some notes:

1. BNTM is a pile of crap
2. The contestants are awful
3. Lisa Snowdon is no Tyra Banks
4. The make up artist in the videos has a really annoying monotonous voice and wears stupid hats
5. It seems to be sponsered by Olay and Max Factor
6. Max Factor is crap

I’m not selling it but I did enjoy watching the videos. Catch them here

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  1. yummy411 says:

    chuckle chuckle giggle at your notes!!!

  2. MandyPandy says:

    IDK, ANTM is pretty stupid too.

    That said, I think Leanne Nagle from BNTM is really, really pretty:

  3. hehe I’m glad you like yummy!

  4. Hey Mandy

    Do u like Leanne. Shes alright but her face reminds me of the moon. Im quite fond of scouser Charlotte, and I do think whats her face, the one who went out with Lee Ryan attractive but really smug.

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