Blythe Fresh Light Hair Dye

UPDATE: 2 days later, the colour has really settled in, I like it!

What can be creepier than collecting dolls with over sized heads and gigantic eyes? Why, dying you hair like one!

I loved this colour though:


Blythe Fresh Light Hair Dye in Mysterious Beige


It comes with one of the brush applicator types:


I don’t know how I feel about this kind of applicator. It seemed great af first for the roots but with hair as long as mine, it was fiddly after a while and because the bottle is only half full, I had to keep tipping up upside down and shaking it to get it out. Very annoying.

Here is the result:

Photo 620.jpg

It dealt with my black roots no problem, and lifted the colour overall but it was nothing like the picture of the packet. It is slightly warmer and more copper than beige – BUT I have had colour in it previously, so on virgin hair, I’d imagine it would work pretty well.

I had mild stinging on application which faded after 10 minutes, then it was fine.

Overall, its a nice dye but I didn’t like the applicator. Also, you really don’t get very much (it certainly didn’t feel like much in the end) and since the colour wasn’t as spot on as I wanted, I’d try a different Japanese hair dye next time.

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    • Row says

      Hey Nikki

      The applicator is great if you are touching up your roots, or if you have shoulder length hair but it annoyed me how the colour didn’t flow out, I had to keep shaking it to get it to the front of the bottle!

  1. Phoebe says

    Heya I have black virgin Hair Will any of the dyes that you have tested work on my hair? Like the Prettia ones of the Fresh light ones etc?? Or will i have to bleach it first for the colour to show up? I’ve seen so many on alpha beauty and i just would love to know what would work on my black virgin hair! Thanks

    • Row says

      Hi Phoebe

      This kind of dye is ideal for black, virgin hair. In my PERSONAL experience virgin hair takes colour really well but it depends if u are choosing a lighter dye for example, you need to choose one that includes bleach OR bleach it first. I would pick one that has bleach in it because you are going to damage your hair if you do too much to it.

      If you let me know which dye u are looking at I can tell u if I have used it before and if it also lightenes the hair at the same time

  2. Phoebe says

  3. momo says

    The Fresh Light Hair Dye is so pretty! Is it the same as Paulty Hairdye? and does it contain bleach in it? Please let me know :)