Blue & Green Lip Gloss?! LOTD: Lunasol Full Glamour Gloss EX15

I can’t help but like the bizarre and today’s odd lip comes from Lunasol – one of their limited edition glosses, shade EX15:


Is it a blue? a white? a green? It’s sort of a bit of each mixed into a sheer, glowy gloss.

Blue gloss is supposed to make your teeth look whiter, ok!?This one is sheer enough not to be scary. It’s clear with blue, green, pink pearl shot through it. It’s icy without being too frosty:


It’s sparklier in real life. Do I like it? It’s not bad. It’s not as sparkly as Mac Dazzleglass, which the chav in me just adores, but it’s not as 3D as a good old Chanel Levres Scintillantes…


So overall it’s A-OK. Not really worth hunting down and shooting – I mean buying, though.

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