Bloomin’ heck – SKII Sheet Masks and other expensive things

So a few weeks ago I bought a loads of SKII skincare from eBay for half the price – it would have been too expensive otherwise and the lady sent me an amazing box of samples to go with it. Inside was a sheet mask and since its 01-01-2010, I decided to use it today.

Signs Dual Treatment Mask SKII.jpg

SKII’s Signs Dual Treatment Mask comes in two parts and unusually, they aren’t cut out into a face shape, they are just rectangles you position on to the skin.

I thought I’d have a mooch and look for some instructions online, and I found that a pack of 6 of these masks is £65! That’s over £10 for one sheet mask!

Here is what I found for instructions:


Place upper mask on forehead and lower mask on chin. Stretch to side of ear area. Press firmly by spreading under eyes. Gently pad the entire face with palm. Leave for 5-10 minutes.

For the record, I am leaving it on until it dries out, and if it takes a week then so be it because I’m not throwing a £10 sheet mask out after a 10 minute wear.

Verdict: Lovely! Feels gorgeous on the skin! Would I pay £65 for 6 masks though? Doubtful!

How about you? Ever got something more expensive/cheap than you realised? Gonna make any splurge purchases?

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    • Row says


      The best way to be sure is the ask the seller where the product came from and you can also use batch numbers to verify