Blog Sale Updated Listing and stuff and stuff and stuff

Just to say that I’ve been a bit rubbish updating Blog Sale 4’s listing – have now updated, sorry if you ordered something that I already sold :(

But dry your tears because there’s a blog sale on Saturday 5th June, 7pm GMT!!!

The sun is out on Saturday, so you will probably all be out in the park having BBQ’s, but remember to take a look when you get home!


(I say this with confidence, but I haven’t even dug out all the make up I want to sell yet and its Thursday!)


If you buy something from Blog Sale 5, you will get a discount of 25% off any items from Blog Sale 4. Just add it on to your comment.

Postage: This cost me a fortune last time, so I think I was undercharging a bit!

Postage will only ever be at cost + 50p for the packaging materials. This time I will have the scales and calculator ready and will charge the correct shipping price for your order.

Probably going to sell a lot of my beloved lip collection and liners, that sort of thing. I am sick of finding make up everywhere. I open the fridge, there’s make up. I go to the bathroom, there’s make up. I get in the car, there’s make up. I WILL NOT BE OVERWHELMED BY MAKE UP!

Ahem. Check out my stash vid later!

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  1. Paige says

    aww sad….I’m gonna miss this one also since I won’t be near my beloved computer….going away for the weekend…. T_T