Blog Sale Update – Times!

Ok, so I learnt something new today.

When it gets to summer time, the UK runs off BST not GMT.

I did not know this. I thought you could just pick which one looked prettier. Blame the Education System under Labour.

So to confirm, UK girls, the time I mean is
7pm BST.

When you clock says this:

7 o clock_medium.jpeg (JPEG Image, 240x240 pixels).jpg

So revised time late:

The Fixed Time World Clock-2.jpg
The Fixed Time World Clock-3.jpg

See you there! I’ll be working hard on the list tonight!

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  1. liloo says

    How can you have a cute, exciting and hilarious post all in once: only you can do that. love the picture about the clock (cute), and the educational bit about BST. I want to google more now and find out. like tina, you are simply the best.
    cant wait for the blog sale to start, getting my elbows ready and taking my earrings out 😛