Blog Sale Update, June 2010!

Just to let you know all items that have been paid for were sent out.

It takes 1-5 days in the UK and can take up to 30 days internationally depending on where you are located.

Thankyou x 1,000,000 for shopping on my blog sale, as always!


I’ve realised a few things from this blog sale – like the fact that if you aren’t copying down the prices for a blog sale its not really fair on the people who do, because you could save the list from the preview and save yourself time. I also need to write a rule in about changing invoices yourself – its weird getting money and thinking – huh? Who is this from?

Then I have to become a detective and figure out who sent what for which!

Blog Sales can be such a challenge sometimes!

But, I am planning on doing one more hopefully at some point in July and then I am done for a long while since life is about to get a lot busier. My core make up collection is still way to big so next time I’ll get rid of more of my Japanese make up, skincare items and collectables that I’ve never touched.

Have a lovely weekend!

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