Blog Sale Times & Date

Come, come you have to be quick to make it to the blog sale!

adorable puppies.jpg

Decided on post it on Saturday 9th January at 8pm GMT*. I originally planned it for Sunday, BUT, people have to go to work the day after and are going to bed a bit earlier etc. so on Sat I have a chance to wade through the invoices. Also I post on Saturday there’s still time on Sunday for ladies in Asia to do some leisurely morning shopping.

If you were planning on going out this Saturday then don’t. Its cold outside, stay in, watch TV and look at the sale whilst you have your tea!

People do occasionally change their mind so even if it looks like someones snapped up what you want, its worth including it incase the other buyer drops out. I’ll be invoicing right away this time, so no stragglers!

Here is the preview list. You can check swatches and what not beforehand then 😀

*8PM GMT times (thanks to Mr Candy who looked these up for me!):

Atlantic Time: 4pm Sat
EST: 3pm Sat
CST: 2pm Sat
Mountain Time: 1pm Sat
PST: 12pm Sat
Alaska Time: 11am Sat
Hawaii Time: 10am Sat

Central Eastern time: 9pm Sat
Eastern European Time: 10pm Sat
Western European time : 8pm Sat same as Greenwich

Indian Time: 1.30am Sun
China and Hong Kong Time: 4am Sun
Japan Time: 5am Sunday

See you there!

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  1. Row says


    I WANT THAT PUPPY! So adorable!


    I will do the listing tonight :) I haven’t decided on prices yet but there won’t be much over £4-5 cos I just want the get everything to a good home now! Certain things like the rollers and the Illamasqua Palette which I’ve not really touched (which cost £65) will be the most expensive thing 😀