Blog Sale & Preview List Announcement!

Why, oh why I ask myself – make no mistake, blog sales are stressful!

But it went pretty well last time so – I am subjecting myself to another blog sale to make some space and hopefully, I won’t have to do another for quite a while!

cat shopping.jpg

The blog sale will be on Thursday December the 3nd at 7.30pm GMT. That’s in 3 days!

Read on for the details and a few notes from what I noticed last time:

– Not everyone pays up for things so if you want something but it looks like its gone, its worth bidding on it anyway because it may be that you have still got it.

– I left it a while before invoicing – I won’t be doing that this time, I will be here watching as it happens so please, please, please, make sure you put your Paypal email address in the contact form. You do NOT have to put it in the comment box, just make sure you put it in the contact form like this:

Beauty Bargain Hunter_ Decleor! — Cosmetic Candy.jpg

– We will be striking things off as quickly as possible but if in doubt, you can just ask for a product, as I said earlier, sometimes people don’t pay

Please use the numbers where possible! Makes things a bit quicker

– I will be doing my best to use round figures (£1, £2, £4 etc.) and will put them into price groups to make things easier

– Shipping TBC but it will approx £2 for UK and £3 for US, combined shipping on multiple purchases and recorded will cost more. A few items are super heavy so I will let you know about that.

– I will do a product list for some of the items as a preview before everything goes live. This will give you a chance to go and check things like shades on the official websites, and will give the International girls a chance to peruse.

– I am hoping to offer some bargains I just want to clear up some space now. Please note that some of the items in this sale are unsold items from the last blog sale too – I basically chucked them all into a box for this.

All items on sale will be products I have bought myself. I am a hoarder, so I have far too much. I may do another blog sale type thing next year with with free samples I have received will all profits going to charity.

Any questions? let me know in the comments!

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  1. Holly says

    3nd? How do you pronounce that, then? 😛

    Also I think Annette Wardobe above has misunderstood your net curtain joke.

  2. tigerslovepepper says

    Row, you did not mention the shipping costs for the rest of Europe. Is the sale for UK and US girls only?

  3. says

    @Annette Wardrobe – Not as exciting as that I’m sure 😀 But I hope you can make it!

    @Holly – C’mon! It was supposed to be the 2nd, then I changed it to the 3rd and this was at 5am in the morning and I was up for 7.30am to go to work. Therefore I’ve decided if anyone can make up a new type of day its me – 3nd :) Pronounced THIR-ND.

    Also – no its possible but Annette Wardrobe has missed my classic Bart Simpson A Net Curtain joke but nevertheless, its very sweet :)

    @Blair – Yes there is!

    @tigerslovepepper – Yes I will send to Europe – I count you guys as international 😉

  4. says

    3rd? oh noes! How much time do we have to pay after placing order? I won’T get tuition until the 9th or 10th, and since I’m running after jobs, I’ll have all my saved money left spent before the sale X_X
    If I happen to have a few pennies left in my account, count me in! ^.^

  5. says

    Hi Alix

    Its a mixture. Anything that is unused and new will say NEW before it, and anything USED will also clearly be marked too.

  6. says

    Hey Row, can I ask one intsee wintsee teenie tiny HUGE favour?
    If possible (and not to much to ask) when listing a price can you show its US currency equivalent? Because £2 is not the same as $2 and I am sometimes one of those anxious and stupid New Yorkers that see’s a UK price and thinks ‘OMG its only $20?!?’ And then a few nano seconds later I notice the £ symbol and I’m like Bob Saget! I have to double it and then I feel like a fool.

    Mmmkay Thanks!

  7. Heather says

    I love blog sales ^_^ I’m definitely going to be drooling over the preview list! I hope I can restrain myself, hehe.