Blog Sale Dispatch Notice!

Hi ladies just a note to let you know your parcels have been sent! You can check your name after the jump to make sure I haven’t missed you out if you wish

postman pat.jpg

Parcels Sent To:

Vilay V.
Solene T.
Tania G
Samantha L
Amira K
Louise W
Louise H
Ping Ping
Man Lung
Karen M
Rachel D
Joanna P
Sarah M
Joanne N
Carol E
Nicola A
Adrian D
Emma S
Hannah Y
Sophie D
Vivien W
Kassandra T
Wendy H
Sarah K
Helen G

Competition winners of the Christmas Giveaway has also been sent

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  1. Thank you x

  2. Haha… I see me/Gareth there, I also me seperate…. so jobs a good’un gorgeous!

    Thank you very much.


  3. So the postman woke me up on a Saturday morning. :) Thanks Row, I’ve gotten the package! Thanks for sweets and freebies!

  4. Got mine this morning. Love the products! Thanks for the gifts and sweets. So when is the next blog sale?:)

  5. Mine arrived this morning. Ee I was so excited. My little sister also appreciates the sweets :)

    Thank youuu!

  6. Arrived this morning, and it’s perfect! Extras too – you spoil us all =P

    Thanks again =]

    • @Missloaf, @Connie @Pinny @Rachel

      You are welcome enjoy the goods!! Next blog sale? We’ll see its hard work getting them done!

  7. Package came today, thank you! !
    Tangfastics, my fave – went down a treat 😉

  8. *wink* seen my name on the list =)

  9. Damiana Moser says:

    My package arrived today, thank you so much!
    I’m so happy, love the products. And then the sweets… cuuuute!!

  10. Oh thank you, got my lovely package today. The extras are too sweet.
    Thank you!