Blog Sale Date Announcement!


The blog sale date has been changed to – SATURDAY 29th JUNE 2013 at 8PM.  

It’s time for another blog sale! The date of the next blog sale 2013 will be Saturday 22nd June at 8pm.  I wanted to do it this weekend but there’s too much to work through still, sorry!


If you are new to my blog sales, here is some background. Every time I do a blog sale (on average 1 every 18 months) I do a preview list which has nearly everything I have to sell on it.  However, this is NOT the definitive list so do not use it to place an order.  It is just here to give you an idea of what may be on the blog sale and it gives you a chance if you want, to do some research into brands, products and shades to make sure it’s right for you. 


The preview list I will publish on Monday 17th June – I just need a few more days to work on it. 


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I have blog sales as I every now and then I have a massive clear out of products I no longer want or use.  I used to buy back ups of EVERYTHING and multiple colours so you can imagine the ridiculous amount of make up that has accumulated. This time I am also focusing on skincare and some hair products too.  To clarify, these are products I have purchased myself or perhaps has been gifted to my by my other half etc.  Unwanted press products go to family, friends and Kiss and Make Up.  


This time round I have been really clearing out because:

  1. I have Baby H which means I desperately need the space and I no longer have time to play around with make up to the same extent I used to.  Also if you’ve seen the price of sports edition trikes then you’d see why a blog sale comes in handy. I am even getting rid of some of my precious LE stuff that I’ve carefully saved pristine in packaging – someone else can get pleasure in using them I hope.
  2. I am also moving very soon and can only take a small amount of make up with me. I don’t see the point of leaving it in storage. 


At the moment I am slower when doing ANYTHING so the packaging up always takes me at least 1-2 weeks to get out.  I am also away for a few days after the blog sale so whilst you can make orders I can’t really answer too many questions right after although I’ll try and spend some time each evening sending invoices etc. 


The full terms and conditions is always published at the beginning of the sales, please read them as they’ll have shipping info and basic terms.  If you want to read the T&C’s prior to the blog sale here they are (but I will put this again at the top of the blog sale 2013 page:


To Buy:


  1. Leave a comment with the items you want, copy the full line of the item including the number of the product and the price.  
  2. Leave your PAYPAL EMAIL in the ‘email’ field as I will use this to send you an invoice.  If you leave your email in the comments this can attract spam and I don’t have a ton of time to go through deleting comments for people who didn’t follow this rather basic instruction  If according to Paypal your email doesn’t exist there’s not much I can do as I can’t get in touch with you either!
  3. Include your location, either UK or INT (International). 
  4. Please pay within 24 hours of getting the invoice – after this time the item may be passed on to the next person, especially if the item is popular (some things are requested several times).   
  5. When I invoice I will include the products you ordered, please check this.
  6. Odd mistakes may happen, if an error is made contact me and I’ll try to rectify it.  This time around I will be photographing each package before it is wrapped. 
Correct way to request a product:

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  1. All items are sent via a trackable method of shipping.  All of them.  This is the reason why with so many sales, I can’t remember a single time I’ve had a completely lost parcel and have only had a handful of returns.  
  2. UK parcels will be shipped by courier because Royal Mail is now beyond a joke with their charges. Parcels will cost between £4-£6 to send most of the time but is unlikely to exceed this.  Remember that bubble wrap and envelopes cost money although I always recycle where possible.
  3. International Parcels will go with Royal Mail still because that is still the best method.  Airsure will cost at least £8. 
  4. NAIL POLISHES AND AEROSOLS – absolutely none of these will be sent internationally as it is not allowed.  There’s no point trying, it will get sent back so if you’ve added this to your list and you not from the UK, I will omit it from the order.  
  5. Another thing I will be doing this year is sending out tracking numbers to buyers – this is so that you can track your parcel and make sure you chase up with the couriers if something doesn’t show up on time.  There are usually a few returns each time I do a blog sale because the company didn’t leave a calling card and the item gets returned to me which is a real shame.  I will be sending out a group email with tracking numbers once the items are shipped. 
  6. I always try and put sweeties and samples in with each package just because I think it’s a nice treat.  I am also up to my eyeballs in samples because I get sent loads every time I buy something. What I put in each parcel is totally random.




Items are sold as seen so no returns – please ask questions before purchasing although it’s not really rocket science  The photographs are your best guide – ie. If the product comes with a box, how much is left, the shade etc. but it is your responsibility to check shades on charts etc.  


I check everything before it is packaged up, I sanitize with antibacterial wipes but it is your own responsibility to clean it again once you get it. 


That’s it! I hope you pop along to take a look and find some bargains x 


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