Blog Sale Buyers, Please Read

Hi Guys….

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I have now sent out invoices to people who were first to pick things from the blog sale.

Paypal only allows 300 characters with the message box, so I will put the key info (what is in your order) in that box. (Please don’t think I am being rude if I don’t say Hi and Bye!)

Other bits of info:

1. Sorry for the delay! 160 items to go through + stressful week, but there will be lots of goodies stuffed into your bags.

2. When you get the Invoice CHECK CHECK CHECK the order is correct. If not email me – rowena AT

3. Make SURE your postal address is somewhere with your paypal payment

4. Royal Mail will be striking next week. Therefore I want to get things wrapped up and with the postman this coming Monday so please pay asap (I know, pot – kettle) or I’ll have to pass on to the next person.

Ta Very Much!

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