Blog Sale Announcement – Are ya in?!

Thinking of doing another blog sale this week, on Saturday 24th April at 7pm GMT (before Britain’s Got Talent, oh telly addicts).

sleepy dog cosmetic candy.jpg

What do you think? Can you make it? Do you want to see some kind of preview list?

In the future blog sales will change – after the mad rush I will put everything on to a permanent blog sale page and top it up every now and then when I have new items to sell rather than do these huge sales each time :)

If you want to see what time 7pm in the UK is to you read on…

The Fixed Time World Clock.jpg
The Fixed Time World Clock-1.jpg
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  1. Oh my… I don’t want to miss this at all… I hope I can make it! I am already looking forward to this blog sale.

  2. I guess this would be Madrid 9pm πŸ˜‰

  3. And yet another comment (me, the crazy commenter…)
    What brands will you be including?
    I am so so curious!

  4. Definitely going to check it out! A hit as to what will be on it would be great :-) x

  5. Ooh a preview list would be awesome if you can!

  6. 3am? Hopefully I can make it haha! Yes, preview please!!! :)

  7. I’ll be here! Preview pleeeeeease!


  8. It would be great if you put up a preview list, but we know you’re busy, so it’s okay if you can’t :) Can’t wait, though! :)

  9. lol..7pm in uk is 8pm in london?
    i think everything is an hour late? πŸ˜€

  10. tigerslovepepper says:

    Preview list please, if you don’t mind. Thank you. :)

  11. Saltedswirl says:

    Wow! Nice news!
    Will it be international?

    P.S. Wanna say big THANK YOU for those clever and interesting reviews and other things that you publish here. I’m quite new in this blog (found it via Google for NYX swatches), but it already drove my mind out )))

  12. Why does it say 8pm in London? Shouldnt it be 7pm?

  13. That’s a good point from Grace – London’s not the only one either, at least one American and one North African one looks wrong.

    I suspect that your converter is running off of 7pm GMT, and we’re fully into BST already, hence the 8pm…

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