Blog Sale and Hostgator Hosting Pants

Sorry, Sorry,

If you logged on earlier to access the blog sale, the site completely crashed. This happens when there is too many people trying to view the site at the same time. I have fairly substantial hosting but even that wasn’t enough…

This happened before and I upgraded accordingly, now I’ve had to upgrade AGAIN ($$$$$$) but it doesn’t look like the site is going to be too stable tonight.

I’ve had poor people tweeting me who had been up for hours waiting (in Japan) and people who were getting sores on their bum from waiting! I have been sat here the whole day finishing off the listing and Mr Candy up all night taking photographs – so its disappointing that the hosting can be so pants.

So Sorry again. A phone call and many emails to Hostgator later, all I can do is upgrade the server and let it stabilise – Hostgator usually so good but they have been a major let down this time – no one would tell me anything or confirm anything or quite grasp the fact that I needed the site fixing ASAP.

By tomorrow we should be upgraded and I will set the blog sale to live then (between 7pm – 9pm, I will confirm the time tomorrow) so please keep your eyes peeled, but please don’t get bum sores.

Blog Sale: Tomorrow Monday 7th June – Time will be between 7-9pm depending when I get home, please just wait for me to announce on twitter. There’s over 300 items, enough for everyone!

Since we are postponing until tomorrow, I will be able to do a preview list for you later.


That’s me, all apologetic

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  1. Naz says

    Ahh, after all this crap I think you should just go to bed and have a good rest! I bet you need it!

    Really looking forward to when you do eventually get the sale up and running.

  2. jaffra says

    Aw, no need to apologise Row – I dont think anyone blames you for this!

    Is the listing going up tonight? Wondering whether to wait or call it a night 😀

  3. says

    Aww, I’ve been reading your tweets, it must be so infuriating dealing with a company like that. Theres no need to apologise, I hope you got something to eat in the end! As somebody else said, get yourself to bed!

  4. says


    I’m the owner of hostgator and I’m very sorry for the problems you’ve been having. Can you email me your ticket number to ? I’ll be happy to take a look at how this has been handled and see if I can help expedite the upgrade.

    Unfortunately in some cases our hands are tied until a more powerful server is purchased. It’s not about the $$ since posts like this do far more damage to sales and profit then a few extra dollars could ever make us.




    • Row says

      Hi Brent

      I will contact you, and let you know about the incident thanks for getting in touch