Blog Birthday, My Birthday, Pearls of Wisdom

You know I have been so busy this year that I completely missed the blog’s 4th birthday, which was on October 3rd. I can’t believe it’s been four years since I started blogging. Things have changed a lot for beauty blogging, but I still like to keep it simple.  I also still have lots to say but hope to try different things with it soon.  When I have more time!

It’s also my birthday today.  See this cat? He looks like how I feel…

Birthday Cat 1

Now that I am old, I can leave thee with 5 pearls of wisdom that I have picked up over my years on earth. I am sure you will find them highly useful…

1) Be nice to your mum…

…or whoever that leading female figure in your life is.

I know not everyone has a mum or has an easy relationship with theirs. Sometimes my mother makes me want to become skilled at Chinese water torture, but despite these difficulties, mothers, aunties, grandmas (yeah, sometimes men too, whatever) are all very special people.  Also take a good look at your mother…that’s your reflection in 30 years!

Cat mum

2) Get a cat

…or a dog. If you dig that weird dribbling they do.

Ah see I am a cat person but no matter what your furry type is, seriously, get a pet. I had a rabbit when I was little that pooed everywhere until the entire garden was covered in rabbit droppings. I was also too scared to hold it because I can’t be doing with animals with claws and possibly rabies. In the end Paul (the rabbit) disappeared, he had “ran away” says my mother*, in the same way that goldfish are “buried” but are actually flushed down the toilet.

The point is…pets offer love and comfort and you get a chance to be a ‘parent’ without having to deal with the paperwork that comes with ‘human’ babies!

Dog dressed as cat

*She didn’t murder it by the way, I believe someone else got the rabbit.

3) Have funny friends…

You can’t pick family or work colleagues, but you can pick friends.

Now – everyone is a pain in the arse sometimes, all of us annoy our friends sometimes with our whining and constantly retelling the same story but from a slightly different angle; it’s what girls do.  But when someone is a complete drag and drain on your pos-ee-tiv-e-tay, or is deliberately nasty, angry all the time, competitive for no reason or starts trying to be you, it’s time to move on.

I have a thing where I can’t help but take in everything and everyone who is vulnerable, who looks lonely.  I think because I have always been fortunate with the family, friends and the other half that I have always had someone there for me and that I can rely on unequivocally. As a result I made friends with people who were quite unhealthy, some real bullies – it wasn’t how they treated me but how they treated other people I liked. Alarm bells!

These days, I have some wonderful friends, and made some really cool, geeky, quirky, funny, smart, kind online ones through blogging too. And they’re weird…I like weird people.

Cat with hat


4) Eat well..

So I had a friend who would only eat beans on toast and it was majorly irritating because we could never eat anywhere apart from a greasy spoon cafe. When I asked her why she wouldn’t try anything else she said, ‘In case there’s a war’. Righttttt!

I am Chinese! I love food! I love all kinds of food. Everyone should love food, it’s fuel but it also brings so much joy, whether you buy it or make it doesn’t matter!  Here are some things I think that everyone should eat one day:

a. Sashimi (thick cut raw salmon)

b. Chicken Feet (Dim Sum, not the white cold one!)

c. Kimchi (Korean pickled cabbage)

d. Crushed flavoured ice

e. Fresh coconut, sliced open in front of you

f. Black Pudding (pigs blood)

g. Durian (spiky looking fruit, people say it stinks, I love it and think it smells like heaven!)

h. Mouldy Tofu (Comes in jars, in cubes. It’s repugnant, I love it).

5) Don’t take life too seriously…

How lucky are we to be alive right now? And be where we are (sat on a computer somewhere, sipping a cup of tea?!). Very.

We all live then we’ll die…god knows when. Could be tomorrow. Could be in 50 years. Either way I have always thought it was pointless taking everything to heart, needlessly picking on every fault and also caring too much about what other people are doing.

Everyone should be like this dog:

Stupid dog

You wouldn’t catch a cat doing that.

That’s all! Have a nice Sunday.  I’ll be out and about next week but the posts are going up as usual. Will get round to working on You Tube videos for Christmas and shop relaunch very soon.

Do you have any pearls of wisdom to share? You can in the comments! Kisses!

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  1. Paris B says

    Happy birthday to you & your blog! I can’t believe you like durian. I’m Malaysian where it’s found in abundance, and I don’t 😛 but I otherwise like everything you listed in item 4 and I fully agree with all your pearls of wisdom! Have a great day!

  2. Sarah says

    Happy birthday and happy belated blog birthday!

    For my words of wisdom I would like to add that whilst it is easy to talk about doing something, you should just DO IT! If you fail then you have learnt a lesson but if you succeed it could be amazing! Usually the only thing stopping you is yourself.

  3. says

    Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day!
    I think you are very right with this pearls of wisdom. In fact I was having a demotivational time right now and you have remembered me that I do have a lovely mum, very good, funny and weird friends, a yummy meal (curry chicken :3 ) in the oven and… a work I love (studying architectural degree). I would love to have a pet, but I live on a rent place and I am not allowed to. Anyway, you made me think 4 out of 5 are a reason to be very very happy and motivated.
    I love your blog and specially the way -You- blog.
    Thanks and kisses from Spain.

  4. says

    Happy Birthday!! Hope you have many more and many more blog birthdays!!
    I love all the foods you listed.. chicken feet in particular! (Was my supper last night)

  5. says

    Happy blog birthday and real birthday :)

    Life is indeed very short. I am loving every single minute of my challenging life, because I came *this* close to bleeding to death in January. I’m SO happy to be alive, and so appreciative of all the good people in my life. And yes, I NEED a cat 😀 x

  6. Jen says

    Happy Birthday Row, hope you’ve have a good time celebrating :) Agree with all your pearls of wisdom….well, apart from stinky tofu, I just can’t bring myself to taste it!

  7. sweetjan79 says

    Hi Birthday to you, rowena!! love reading your blogs since ancient times, what never fail to amuse me is your writing skills..engage me everytime and wacky sense of humor – i love!

  8. says

    Happy (belated?) birthday!
    Not a lot of people like pig’s blood but I didn’t realize it’s always referred to as black pudding! It goes great with daikon or chives and congee!