Bliss Fabulous Face Lotion SPF15 & Every Day Eye Cream Review

What with my skin going crazy lately, it’s been really nice to get back to basics and use some simple, but effective products I know work for me. So far anything too fancy, with too many ‘anti ageing’ ingredients sends my skin loopy so I am focusing on the plainer skincare items!

Bliss products are rather lovely but not necessarily that cheap so their new ‘fabulous every day’ range, consisting of a face lotion and eye cream seemed appealing.


The face lotion has a SPF15 and ‘delivers a daily dose of essential vitamins, minerals and omegas’. The eye cream is lightweight and contains ‘grapeseed oil and vitamin E’ good for dark circles and puffiness. I am quite like the eye cream – I’ve said before I am lazy about eye cream but this is one of those super light, easy to use ones that sink in fast, leaves the eye area hydrated and does leave everything feeling ‘fresher’. I wouldn’t say my circles are lighter though.


The eye cream texture is lovely and light:


Now the fabulous face lotion I adore, it reminds me of the triple oxygen & vitamin c cream, which I liked a lot but it’s dearer. This one, for me, worked just as well even in terms of hydration.

I’ve been using this for a few weeks, I like I like!!!! I’m not saying I’m looking 10 years younger, but it’s one of those creams that hydrates well, smells good, feels nice and importantly doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin.


The texture:



2 nice products from Bliss, the face lotion for me is the stronger product and the one I have kept using whereas the eye cream is nice but not as effective as I’d have liked when dealing with circles and wrinkles.

The lotion is 50ml and £25 the eye cream is 15ml for £24. See the products here.

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  1. Jen says

    I’ve loved Bliss products ever since I was “persuaded” by the Bliss lady in Selfridges to have a mini facial with the triple oxygen instant energising mask…Bliss products remind me of RMK skincare in that they smell gorgeously fruity but not in a overpowering sickly way, but in a make-you-more-alert kinda way :)
    Anyways, glad to hear that the price of this range is more affordable…I think that face mask set me back forty-ish pounds, so I think £25 for the lotion is is really good, and even better that it contains SPF. Does it smell citrus-y?