Blackhead Solutions

For us girls with an oily* T-Zone, blackheads can be the BAIN of our lives. There are tons of solutions out there, most notably nose strips, extractors, steamers and good old fingernails!

Blackheads are the result of excess oils that accumulate in our sebaceous glands. The excess oil gets occluded in the pores resulting in a ball of accumulated oil which when exposed to air, turns black in color. Yukky, huh?

Here is my list of blackhead solutions –

Mario Badescu Silver Powder

Silver powder is not made of silver. Disappointing, I know. Its actually a whitish powder –

Says the blurb:

For excessive, stubborn blackheads, this oil absorbent powder will help to unclog congested pores. Absorbs excess oils to prevent blackheads and promotes a healthier complexion.

Ingredients: Calcium Carbonate, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide.


You need to dab dampen a cotton wool ball then dip into the powder then onto your noggin. It turns into a whitish paste. Let it set then rinse! A bit messy but you only need a tiny bit of product.

Does it work?

Well….it does seem to remove excess oils. Less shine, you know – but it doesn’t actively do anything to remove them. It makes extraction a little bit easier but not incredibly so. Apparently a nose strip is the best thing to use after but – well, its a little too high maintenance for me.

Have you seen the ingredients list? Calcium Carbonate, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide – all cheap as chips. Its a good job this pot was only £13, but you could throw this together with powders from your local pharmacy.

Sony CP Blackhead Off Stick

Sony CP Blackhead Off Stick

This product (I believe) is used as a massage type stick after cleansing, it looks like a chapstick. Rub Rub Rub. Except I can’t understand why I would leave something greasy on my nose.

This is not a blackhead remover – its a maintainer, after you got all the nasties out. It sloughs off the dead skin and keeps the pores clear. Does it work – its really not bad! But its a slow burner – its not going to give you super instant effects, you need to extract what you’ve got in there, then keep up the cleansing, toning, then this stick on top.

Twas around £5. Not bad, worth a punt if you’re the kind of person who remembers to apply things at night.

Skinfood Nose Strip, Chlorella

I have tried tons and tons and tons of nose strips. The majority of them are ok, not spectacular. One of the best ones I have tried is Skinfood’s (a Korean brand) Cholorella strip. (Cholorella is a type of algae)

For me, a good strip feels quite stick and really grips onto the blackheads. Cleansing and steaming is iimportant if you want those blackheads to come out.

This strip is very very sticky. Yes, I said ouch when it came off, but I quite enjoyed it – yes, I’m a masochist. It smelt like the sea and luckily it didn’t leave greenish slime on my face! Me, like!

You can buy it here – around £4 for 3 strips.

Kiss Me Massage Gel

Another preventative product in my opinion. This gel has little beads in it, to exfoliate and I believe you do not need to rinse afterwards. Its a bit like the Sony CP stick but less convenient. It was ok but I couldn’t really tell because it left a horrid slick on my nose, so I just had to wash it off.

Kanebo Nudy

Now this is an odd one:


Silvara comes in three parts – the acidic mixture in the purple tub, then a plain nose strip (with no coating) and a whitening lotion for after.

You dab this liquid onto the plain nose strip and place it on the nose for 10-15 mins. After you blackheads just appear on the surface.

This stuff WORKS.

I mean – it really works. After 10 mins every single blackhead pushes itself to the surface – gross but incredible, like natural childbirth.

Little whitish worms will appear and it is then easily – ahem – removed with a tissue but if you gently squeeze too you will get your pores completely clear.

This is by far the most effective thing I’ve ever used for black heads. Is it expensive? At £7, nope. But there is something –

It stings and itches at the same time. I brave it out, but there’s no denying it – it tingles like hell. Sensitive ladies really need to watch out for that. Do not leave it on for an excessive amount of time unless you want your skin to fall off.

UPDATE: I bought this from Ebay from the seller – GINSENGSEAFOOD. She is really nice and reliable although I think she is out of this product at the moment, I have emailed to see if she will restock because it is such an amazingly effective product!

Finally – ok this has nothing to do with blackheads. But for the weekend…mmmm…you just can’t have enough Christian Bale.

Sigh, Sigh, Sigh, Sigh.

P.S. American Psycho is on! Just like magic. Bring on the nudity.

* Blackheads can affect any skin type not just oily.

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  1. Kaoru says

    Where did you get the Silvara products from? That stuff sounds like just what my husband and myself need ^_^.

  2. Chica says

    I know @ your last line! I have pretty dry skin and I get blackheads on my nose – evil things.
    I use the silver powder & then a strip but it’s so effing time consuming and the result isn’t ‘wow’ but it’s the best I’ve found thusfar.
    As amazing as Silvara sounds my skin is really sensitive (allergic to some allergy-free skincare kinda sensitive!) so methinks I might regret trying it. :( x

  3. Row says

    Hi Quynh – ebay seller – ginsengseafood – but apparently you can get these all over in Hong Kong! (try Watsons)

  4. Row says

    Hey Chica – I’d send you some to try – but it DOES tingle. It is 100% effective but as I am sensitive like you, you get a bit of skin coming off for a day or so. Wow, I’m not selling it much am I!!!! It does tingle thats the drawback I guess. I find silver powder and pore strip way to labour intensive too. You would like the Nudy nose pack – its like a 2 in 1, its fun to apply I slap it on let it dry then pull it off when I remember. Its pretty good and only about £4-5!! x

  5. Lolo says

    Hi, So i can’t find the SILARA on GINSENGSEAFOOD ebay page.. I also do not know how to find Watsons.. I Want this SILARA very badly.I hate my blackheads.. Could you PLEASE poast a link or email address? You would be my hero and my skin savior!

  6. Lolo says

    I have also been looking for the Nudy dual nose pack, sebum clear because i can’t find the Silara. Please help!

  7. elizabeth says

    Where can i get this Silvara product. I really want to buy it as soon as possible.