Birthdays, and Natural Spritzes for the hair


I hope you are having a fun fun day!

And just a quickie – I have been testing out a few hair spritzes (home made) and they have been quite effective.

One is for my very dry, sore scalp. It can be very itchy and sore. Some days its drives me nuts – I’ve used all kinds of cheap and expensive shampoos but I haven’t hit on a magic product yet.

I’ve devised a recipie for 100ml of purified water – I spray it on my scalp once or twice a day and its gradually helping it heal.

100ml water
4 drops Tea Tree essential oil
2 drops Rosemary essentail oil
3 drops Eucalptus

Yeah yeah, I made it up myself, but its working so that’s all I care about and it doesn’t leaving me smelling like a medicine cabinet so thats good.

I also met a studio stylist and she said her absolutle stabple product (and she uses this everyday) is a salt/sugar/water mixture.

It’s good for the touseled look, for texture, for volume. As salt is trying it snot for every single day, but she does seem to love it.

100ml water
1tsp Salt
1tsp Sugar

You need to use hot water to dissolve the salt and sugar, then transfer to a spritzer.

I likeee it a lot although it doenst make the hair shiny, just more rock chicky.

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  1. yummy411 says

    i’m still cracking up at that message. you’ve been tagged row! check out my blog for details 😉

  2. MandyPandy says

    WAH?!? It was Kia’s birthday and she didn’t say anything?!? I better get over to her blog and wish her well, stat!

  3. R says

    Argh! I’ve never been tagged before! ok I’ll give it a go! Hope u had a great day!

  4. R says

    Mandy – Your one of those girls who gets told on the day that its so and sos birthday then goes and gets a gift 10x better than what I got and shows me up….arent you….