Birthday Special: 5 Mascaras that hurt if you poke yourself in the eye

The first ever post I wrote was entitled ‘A Poke in the Eye’ inspired by the Bourjois Disco something or another mascara. At the time it was no joke – it hurt.

I poke myself in the eye quite often, but my excuse is that my lashes are short, therefore I am always dealing with an area just a teeny weeny bit close to my eyeball.

Other reasons include:

1. A cat walking into my arm

2. Drinking coffee at the same time

3. Jessica is about to solve the mystery on Murder She Wrote

4. Answering the phone/Phone going off

5. Not having any light sources (ie. applying mascara in the dark)

So here they are – 5 offending mascara’s with unnaturally hard brushes that hurt if you so much as dare to have a slip of the arm. You fools – make softer brushes!

1. Covergirl Lash Blast

lash blast.jpg

Lash Blast’s brush is massive – humungous! So if you should accidently slip then OUT – it’s like getting a fat lip but more of a fat eye.

2. Lancome Fatale

lancome fatale.jpg

Fatale’s brush works for some, it didn’t work for me. It’s especially tricky for short lashed women and boy is it a heavy mascara. Whilst trying to get close to the root with the illogical brush I have ended up with an eyeball full of product, followed by extreme watering, followed by pain.

3. Avon Super Shock

avon super shock.jpg

Another stupidly massive brush which is just impractical for women like me. It’s quite hard as well so this one also hurts quite badly. I only bought this because I thought it looked so nice on Reece Witherspoon that it detracted from her massive chin.

4. Fasio Digi Colour

DSC03849 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg

This mascara brush is not so bad but the mascara itself – my lord. A nuclear bomb could go off and nothing of me would be left apart from my eyelashes, so long as its covered with this stuff. Its like tar.

5. Shu Uemura Length & Waterproof

shu uemura length and waterproof.jpg

I actually like this mascara a lot, and the tiny brush is fab but it is also its downfall. Its so small you can’t always see it coming and before you know it POKE!

This is the first ever mascara I owned and loved by the way.

So ladies, tell me – what do you poke yourself in the eye with regularly? Ahem.

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  1. Gabby says


    I also noticed that most of these brushes are those newer plastic ones. Maybe they are much harder than the traditional brushes. Either way.. a poked eye doesn’t do anyone any good. please be careful. :-)

    Keep the great posts coming :-)

  2. sue says

    Haha your post is so creative and original!

    I poked myself in the eye with CG Lash Blast. I think it’s the first time I’ve ever poked myself with a mascara. I remember it being REALLY PAINFUL. I felt quite stupid afterwards but felt a lot better after reading your post because I’m not alone..

  3. Row says

    Hey Gabby

    I think you are right – bristles are less dangerous!!! New brushes are always trying something out whacky, no wonder they hurt! x

  4. Row says

    Hi Sue

    Yeah lash blast is a real killer. I also don’t like the Bourjois Volume Clubbing – that is the WORST. I am sure I have damaged the surface of my eye already! x