Better than the O’s? Nicky Clarke DesiRed Rapid Heat Roller Pod System Review

Even though I don’t have a ton of time to style my hair these days, I am still always up for a fancy hair styling tool – and I was rather taken by Nicky Clarke’s new Roller Pod.  

The roller pod is a stand alone, small unit, which heats up the roller individually. I have various rollers already, such as some Babyliss ones I ADORE but they are a nightmare to transport anywhere, as heated rollers usually come in massive units.  I also have the Cloud 9 O Roller unit which is very clever and heats up each roller one by one.  This makes it more compact, but it is not as compact as this Roller Pod which could easily fit into a travel make up bag. 

Nicky Clarkse DesiRed Rapid Heat Roller System Review
Actually come to think of it I have used a fair selection of products from the DesiRed collection over the years and have always had luck with them (as opposed to other brands!).  

The roller pod is supposed to have; a fast heat up (in just 5 seconds), and is easy to use (pop the roller on the base, wrap around the hair when heated and clip in place), the rollers are velvet coated to prevent dragging and there are 3 sizes provided so you can do tighter curls or waves etc. 

Nicky Clarkse DesiRed Rapid Heat Roller System Review 1

Ok so let’s look at the unit.  As mentioned before it is impressively compact considering what it can do – if you are going to travel with rollers, then this one is a gem.  I was thinking, is there an advantage to hot rollers that come in the cases and all rollers are heated at once?  Actually as an individual user, probably not, because you can only pop one roller in at a time anyway (unless you have someone to help!).  

What you do have to do is get into a flow of putting the next roller on the base before you start curling one in – otherwise you will end up delayed! 

Nicky Clarkse DesiRed Rapid Heat Roller System Review 2

The fact that these rollers are velvet coated means they didn’t drag the hair, HOWEVER, they do pick up bits of dust and fluff because of it.  Baby H had many many happy house using these as building bricks (d’oh) and I am still missing 6 at the moment! I digress. They are study things, I got to thinking if I had a sensitive scalp or fine hair if they would hurt a little bit because they are weighty – well not if you clip them in properly…which takes me to the clips, which are old school metal thin clips.  

My other rollers have claw type grips which I do honestly prefer, because they are quite foolproof.  O’s have velcro, which I find don’t always stay put in my heavy asian hair. These metal clips take a bit of practise, because as I mentioned above, the rollers feel quite weighty, and you nee dot clip it at a slight angle to it firmly holds the roller in place and all the hair. 

The sizes – I tried all 3.  

Nicky Clarkse DesiRed Rapid Heat Roller System Review 3

“Is that a joystick?” asked the Mr?

No…but I see where you’re coming from. 

Nicky Clarkse DesiRed Rapid Heat Roller System Review 4

I tried this on Megan, my cousin to see how it all looks in the hair. With the amount of rollers you have in the box, I think it’d be enough for MOST people, you may have to do it in sections if you specifically just want to use one size all over the head though, or have really thick hair. 

It does indeed heat fast – I left it on the base til the light goes off (that’s how you know its ready). 

Better than the O s Nicky Clarke DesiRed Rapid Heat Roller System Review

The result was quite a natural wave look with the rollers…very wearable, sort of Kate Middleton-ish, when she wears a slight wave.  It’s quite different to my other rollers that give you full on BOUNCE, which is cool but also looks a bit poodle-ish and just screams to people who know you, ‘ I HAD SOME SPARE TIME TODAY AND PLAYED WITH ROLLERS’.

I will post pictures soon of my hair with these rollers, I just couldn’t get any decent ones at night!


Good for someone who wants Heated Rollers that are COMPACT and heat up quickly.  They require a bit of practise with the clips, but it’s not a major problem.  If I could add anything to the kit it would be a pouch so people can keep everything together, and perhaps a way of ordering more rollers. 

Buy this here for £79.99. 


*PR Sample

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