Best Eyeshadow Palette Concept, EVER: Vidi Vici Lunch Box Quad and Eyeshadow Review!

Regular readers will know I love making my own palettes so I asked for this Vidi Vici Lunch Box Quad palette (empty) and 4 refills. You can actually refill this with eyeshadows, blush, eyebrow colour, shader, lip colours – it’s very flexible. I was boring and went for 4 eyeshadows as I knew I wouldn’t bother using a brow powder, lip colours etc.

Now, this Lunch Box palette also comes in a 2 pan (soon to be discontinued) and a 1 pan design.  It’s rather brilliant because each compartment is separate which means if you did choose to mix cream with powder products they would be completely separate so none of this mixing of products!

Vidi Vici Lunch Box Quad Eyeshadow

You also get a little mirror under each lid!

Vidi Vici Eyeshadow Lunch Box

It’s a heavy weight and solid palette. I can highly recommend it if you ever get the chance to own one.  The only downside is with a 4 pan, its weighty and quite big. If I really wanted to carry it around, I would, but it’s not as lightweight as a regular palette to carry around.

Shiny palettes though, remember, always get grease marks on them easily.

I picked four classic eyeshadow shades (to me!) that I would definitely wear and also tried different textures.

Shimmer Cream in Butterlilly, a golden glittery gold and a pearl eyeshadow in Tawny Taupe which is super neutral but so good to wear over the lid.

Vidi Vici Eyeshadow Review

I also got a jewel texture shadow is demeter, a cool taupe brown and kohl black, a matte black. This black is SO creamy and rich I love it.

Vidi Vici Eyeshadow Black


Vidi Vici Eyeshadow 1

Day to day I use the taupe and a bit of the highlighter – that’s it! if I have time I can even tightline with black shadow (which I can’t do with other brands as they irritate) because it is so creamy and doesn’t cause any reddening or itchiness.

I would definitely buy more of these but since it’s not cheap (I think the palette was around £15 and the eyeshadows are £15 each) it won’t be for a while!

What do you think of these shadows?

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  1. says

    The idea is really brilliant! Like a Dior palette I spotted – with glosses with a separate lid from eyeshadows, simple and useful :)

  2. Helz Nguyen says

    I kinda thought the colors would be more crazier than that, looking at the box that it came from

  3. Jen says

    Love love love the palette!! great colour choices too, I would go for the same as I would be guaranteed to use it every day :)