Best Brow Product, Ever! Skinfood Eggplant (Aubergine!) Eyebrow Gel Mascara & Fixer Review

If you ask me, the name Aubergine is far more apt for the purple vegetable than Eggplant. After all, it’s got nothing to do with eggs.

Nevertheless, Skinfood’s product names tend to err more on the side of the transatlantic so for the purposes of this review, this is Skinfood’s Eggplant Eyebrow Gel Mascara & Fixer.

See how the ends look like breasts eggplants?

Skinfood Eggplant Eyebrow Gel

This 2 step eyebrow product is supposed to last for 24 hours, and you can use it as a tinted eyebrow gel, on it’s own or with a brow pencil or powder to set it, and the fixer to keep hairs in place.

So it would go…Eyebrow Fixer > Eyebrow Gel


Eyebrow Powder or Pencil > Eyebrow Fixer > Eyebrow Gel.

My eyebrows are dark so I don’t use pencils or brow powders that often.

This product is fab – it gives me a lightly tinted look and keeps my longish brow hairs in place. For someone with already dark brows it’s ideal!

The tinted brow gel:

Eggplant Eyebrow Mascara Gel

I believe this comes in one colour only. It’s a neutral brown shade, with a touch of warmth but it’s really not too warm. On my dark brow brows it blends in well and I think you can use this on lighter brows too.

The brush is fab – it’s a short, stubby thing, quite stiff so you can really brush through the brows and get any foundation out of it. It’s a great stubby length so you can work it in (some brow mascara’s are the same size as a regular mascara and it’s just too big/long).

The fixer side:

Eggplant Eyebrow Fixer Gel

This is interesting! It’s like a clear gel and you can just brush this over your brows. I have the urge to brush them after using this so the product is evenly distributed (hence using the mascara side after this).

But if you want, you can just use this side on it’s own. It’s certainly very useful indeed if you want to set brow powder (I don’t trust brow powder on it’s own! Because I rub my eyes a lot).

It fixes the longer hairs which stick up (which I always get).

Using the product:

Skinfood brow fixer

Verdict: I really love this brow product! It just suits what I need, which is – something to add a teeny weeny bit of definition and a product to add some hold to the longer pieces of hairs.

This product does both of these jobs well, so I am pleased with it. No it doesn’t smell of eggplant.

*I bought this from eBay.

What’s your ideal brow product?

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  1. says

    Ooh, I haven’t seen this product before but it looks great!
    My brows can be a bit wild so I’m always on the look out for products to tame them :)

  2. Jen says

    Ewww aubergine-scented product :s Personally I have quite faint brows, so I usually go for the Shu hard 9 pencil, as it gives colour without looking too unnatural