Benefit They’re Real! Push-Up Liner and Make Up remover Review

On the back of the hugely successful Benefit They’re Real! Mascara (review here) comes their new ‘push-up liner’ and matching eye make up remover. Ever an eyeliner devotee – indeed my eyes do not look finished without some gel pencil liner and liquid liner – I was very excited to try this liner out. 

Benefit They re Real Push Up Liner and Make Up remover Review

Benefit are a clever brand if nothing else. I must mention the press release which came with this, which was an extremely cool video within a card, not thicker than 1-2 cms (which has been dismantled by Mr C – he’s a bit techy like that). This clever gel in pencil liner has a unique feature which is the slanted tip, made from rubber interestingly, which helps with doing the cat eye flick. 

Other features of the liner is; a matte finish, waterproof qualities, and a dense rich pigment. Here is the pencil – remember the tip part is actually rubber, not the pencil. The guide means that the actual pencil should remain at a slanted angle, something which isn’t as easy to do with regular liners. 

Benefit They re Real Push Up Liner and Make Up remover Review 1

Strengths of this liner are; a nice looking pen in general, very sturdy, well made.  The liner is a rich black and I love the slanted tip idea for doing a cat eye, even though I didn’t quite do it myself in the pictures below. 

Downsides. Ok. 

Well firstly the texture is dry, to the point of being slightly crumbly. It’s a good job there is the rubbery tip there to support the product otherwise it would snap I think, quite easily. Being dry makes it harder to apply, because whilst it’s dry its also slightly thick…so if you want to build on the line, and go over it, it likes to pull off the colour you have already applied.

Longevity. It’s not bad at all, but it doesn’t last as well as my Urban Decay gel liners, and it certainly doesn’t match up to my Japanese eyeliners (you know Asians can do long lasting eyeliner like no one else).  With my extremely watery eyes, I do need something that lasts, I have an amazing eye make up remover (Softymo) so I am not afraid of super water resistant make up. I found this liner transferred on to my upper lids although it didn’t smudge below. 

If you are not used to long lasting make up you may find this a pain to remove – like I said, my Softymo eye make up remover is the best, but when I ran out of this (and totally forgot to buy a replacement in time – ARGH) it was a real pain in the back side to remove. 

Price. At £18.50 it’s pretty steep for an eyeliner. 

There is the special remover which is a nice rich texture and does a good job removing eye make up, although I am faithful to my Softymo, because it’s cheaper and a lighter texture:

Benefit They re Real Push Up Liner and Make Up remover Review 2

With the eyeliner on:

Benefit They re Real Push Up Liner and Make Up remover Review 4Benefit They re Real Push Up Liner and Make Up remover Review 3


Very clever idea but doesn’t quite deliver for the price.  To be honest if you want a cat eye, DO IT WITH A LIQUID EYELINER PEN.  It dries quicker, thus less change of transferring, you can get a cleaner line – I personally always use a gel pen liner to tight line then finish off with a liquid liner pen on top (always a soft pen tip type product).  It’s so easy and so quick, so for me that is the faithful black eye lining routine I will stick with. 

Have you tried this product?

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