Benefit Instant Brow

I am mad for brows at the moment, ever since I realised my brows are a little short at the ends and need some extended for some va-va-voom.

So I got this Benefit Instant Brow for half price from eBay.

This comes in two shades. Light/Medium and Medium/Dark. I bought the Medium/Dark.

The pencil is a creamy/waxy texture. I am more of a hard brow pencil kind of girl, as I find the result more natural and softer overall.



I have to say, I am not madly impressed with this pencil. It is a very soft textured waxy pencil – just sweeping on one brown seemed to warrant a sharpen because it wore down so easily. Because it is so soft, I would be worried about smudging and running, especially as I rub my eye area a lot.

I also find it a little too pigmented. Its too easy to get a dark, strong line which looks unnatural. I prefer my Nars brow pencil in Jodphur, which has colour but is hard textured so it isn’t overkill, and for a very natural brow, Shu Uemura’s Hard Formula, which releases colour when it comes in contact with the oil on the brows.

Do you like it? This isn’t my first choice for brow pencil at all – hey, sometimes I have to do the make up in the car and you know I’ll end up looking like one of the Jonas Brothers.

Verdict: Big fat MEH.

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  1. Medina says

    Hi Rowena!

    I personally find Benefit colours a bit weird, their browns are often too red-based to look natural on brows. I also read somewhere that if you concentrate the colour on your inner two thirds of the brow it visually elongates them without making them look too done up, I think it works for me of maybe or maybe i’m experiencing a visual placebo effect. Thanks for the tip re: Nars pencil, we have similar colouring and my usual Nars Bali eye shadow+angled brush combo can be challenging at times. Hope you recover from your cold soon. :-)

  2. Row says

    Hi Medina!

    I totally agree with your colour comment – the more I look at the brow pencil the more I dislike the warm reddish tone to it. I prefer a cooler grey or brown tone for the brow.

    I am experimenting with powders at the moment and pencils and a combination! I hate over pencilled in brows so I guess my hard brow pencils and a bit of wax on top may be the only answer!

  3. Jodie says

    Yeah that benefit pencil isn’t so great. Better to have a hard pencil so the strokes look more like hair. :)

  4. Row says

    Hey Jodie!

    I agree completely. I can be more carefree with a hard pencil, these squidy ones remind me of the mum used to use :o/