Benefit Hervana, New False Lashes Range and upcoming products!

Benefit’s newest powder, Hervana will be officially launched towards the end of January in the UK. There as a flash sale in the US (on Sephora) earlier this week and possibly one in the UK (will keep you informed!).

I am really looking forward to this one because the colours are purpley-pink-berries, so different from the other box powders.

Hervana Benefit

Also, Benefit now has their own range of lashes – I didn’t realise this!…

There are 8 styles of lashes, plus Benefit has their own lash glue (clear) and individual lashes.  These are sold on Benefit’s US site but not the UK one yes, but you can buy them on counters or the boutiques:

Benefit Two Toned LashBenefit babydoll lashBenefit Dazzle Lash DazzelBenefit debutante lashDemure benefit lashNatural cross benefitSlanted benefit lashStarlet lash benefit

Also, there may be a new ‘beam’ highlighter to join the HIgh Beam and Moon Beam family next year – can’t wait! Am hoping for a bronze highlighter to complete the range.
Any of these products catch your eye?
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  1. I always want to wear false eyelashes, but am not good at putting them on myself. These look good – its nice to see such a large choice.

    samantha x

  2. The new ‘Beam’ can bugger off, they’ve discontinued Moon Beam so I am inclined to hate it on principle. The new lash range looks lovely but the packaging is a bit freaky!

  3. I think i could only handle the starlet corner lashes. The others have too thick bands and I can never get those to stay on my eyes. I need super thin bands!! (I have funny shaped eyes!)

  4. i also dont know benefit got their own lashes hehe

    xoxo elle

  5. Ooh, I love fake lashes so I’ll probably grab some of these! x

  6. I’d like to try their lashes but I’m pretty happy with cheapo Revlon lashes…

  7. Really liking the look of Hervana, I’m a fan of Benefit blushers cos they seem to last forever for me!