Benefit Hervana, New False Lashes Range and upcoming products!

Benefit’s newest powder, Hervana will be officially launched towards the end of January in the UK. There as a flash sale in the US (on Sephora) earlier this week and possibly one in the UK (will keep you informed!).

I am really looking forward to this one because the colours are purpley-pink-berries, so different from the other box powders.

Hervana Benefit

Also, Benefit now has their own range of lashes – I didn’t realise this!…

There are 8 styles of lashes, plus Benefit has their own lash glue (clear) and individual lashes. ¬†These are sold on Benefit’s US site but not the UK one yes, but you can buy them on counters or the boutiques:

Benefit Two Toned LashBenefit babydoll lashBenefit Dazzle Lash DazzelBenefit debutante lashDemure benefit lashNatural cross benefitSlanted benefit lashStarlet lash benefit

Also, there may be a new ‘beam’ highlighter to join the HIgh Beam and Moon Beam family next year – can’t wait! Am hoping for a bronze highlighter to complete the range.
Any of these products catch your eye?
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  1. I always want to wear false eyelashes, but am not good at putting them on myself. These look good – its nice to see such a large choice.

    samantha x

  2. The new ‘Beam’ can bugger off, they’ve discontinued Moon Beam so I am inclined to hate it on principle. The new lash range looks lovely but the packaging is a bit freaky!

  3. I think i could only handle the starlet corner lashes. The others have too thick bands and I can never get those to stay on my eyes. I need super thin bands!! (I have funny shaped eyes!)

  4. i also dont know benefit got their own lashes hehe

    xoxo elle

  5. Ooh, I love fake lashes so I’ll probably grab some of these! x

  6. I’d like to try their lashes but I’m pretty happy with cheapo Revlon lashes…

  7. Really liking the look of Hervana, I’m a fan of Benefit blushers cos they seem to last forever for me!