Benefit Cream Eyeshadow Swatch – My Dates My Brother

I largely ignore Benefit cream eyeshadows although looking back at my old review, I was once madly in love with them. I picked this one up cos I fancied a sparkly peach:

benefit my dates my brother.jpg

This is more of a warm sheer peach. The texture is medium not too soft, not too hard – reminds me of MAC cream shadows in the pot (don’t know my MAC very well, can you tell?)

Benefit My Dates my brother-1.jpg


benefit cream eyesahdow.jpg

On the eyes….looks a bit sore….Hmm this is nice used in low doses, not all over clearly.

Mmmm the colour is ok. The product is very good I must dig out my other shades to use!

Benefit cream eyeshadow.jpg

Likey? No Likey?

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  1. says

    I really like this hun – looks lovely on you!
    I do like the look of the benefit creaseless creams – although i am yet to try, this one reminds me of the MAC paint pot in rubenesque – gorgeous!


  2. tigerslovepepper says

    Nice colour and texture and looks preatty good on you. Peachy eyeshadows look horrible on me (I suppose because of my skin tone and my eye colour). :(

  3. Ashley says

    I must be blind but it seems make your eye look a little irritated(?). Don’t hurt me! I’d stick to Benefit over MAC any day… the packaging is much more appealing to me =)

  4. says

    i’m the kind who uses some eyeshadows as cheek blush…and from the looks of the swatches, i think this could be a nice one on my tanned asian skin…thanks!