Benefit Christmas Items

I went to the Benefit Counter today to pick up their new Creme Eyeshadows in Skinny Jeans, a medium peweter shade. I swiped a few other colours of the back of my hand but didn’t buy antything else.

Now, 6 hours later, the colours has stayed pristine on the back of my hair! Needless to say it has created a new lemming! I am loving the look of the darker shades, Stilleto and Towne Car for example. I am really loving cream eyeshadows at the moment, so I think this will be a definate buy for me.

I also noticed a new product – Miss Popularity, basically a highlight – no idea if its any good as I haven’t felt the texture yet.

They are also bringing out a limited edition brush set with 4 brushes and a nice purse to hold it all in. Gorgeous! I definately want this set – at 6 x 4 ins, it should be fine to carry around.

Still need to wait for these items to be launched in the UK but it should be soon!

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