Bellapierre Get The Look Kit Wild Forest Review and Swatches

A couple of weeks ago they had a deal over at KGB deals for a Bellapierre make up set – these usually retail for £39.99 but they were on offer for just £16.99! Deal, right?

These ‘Get The Look’ kits come in a few different colour variations, like a tropical set, a blues, a browns and so on.

I ended up with ‘Wild Forest which is a green set:

Bellapierre Cosmetics my favourite new look kit

All the sets looked pretty appealing to be honest – although I wasn’t that pleased with the way the deal was organised.  After paying, you were supposed to send an email to Bellapierre requesting your set and providing your details.

There was zero acknowledgement from them, until 2 weeks later when an email told me (despite being very quick off the mark to send over my request for the purple set) that it was sold out and I’d have to pick again…

Then finally, about another 8 days after that I got the kit.

So aside from this I was pleased to get the kit!  It looks cheap but inside is a really comprehensive kit.  You also get application tips in the lid:

Bella Pierre My Favourite Eye Look Kit

You get 2 brushes (eyeshadow and liner – the liner brush is pants).

You also get 3 full size shimmer powders (2.35g) in Discoteque, Forest and Reluctance. You get a full size eye primer which I have used before and is excellent.

The brushes are made of natural hair and the products are free from parabens and preservatives:

Bella Perre Eyeshadows Pigment Green

The full price of £39.99 is pretty steep – since when did mineral make up, make up which could be made at home if you really wanted to – get so damn expensive?  I have honestly yet to find a little pot of pigment (3g or less) that is worth more than £5 to me.  Even the Make Up For Ever glitters are over priced.

I guess if you factor in the 2 brushes and primer then it’s not bad value but I don’t know…for me to pay the full price I would have to have wanted the 3 particular shades first and also need the brushes which as I said before, aren’t that great.  The liner brush was somewhat frayed. Bellapiere cosmetics My favourite eye colour kit green

Moaning aside – look, I’m just not completely sold on pigment colours.  So fiddly, so messy in comparison to pressed powders, which can give just as much pigment.
Swatches – I wish I went for the blue kit instead. The green in this set, bar Forest, are not very interesting. All of the colours were applied over the eye base:
Bellapierre eyeshadow forest 1
I think I got a good deal for £16.99 but it doesn’t make me want to buy more pigments. The eye base is good though and I would check out the Bellapierre base products at some point – maybe if there’s another offer on!
What do you think of these kind of kits?
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