Because smelling like a mango is sexy: Skinfood Mango Soft Cream Hair Wax Review

My favourite fruit in the whole world (should I ever be hospitalised and you wish to send me a fruit basket) is Mango.

The mango is glorious – no fruit is like it.  Stuff your apples and grapes – the mango does it for me.

Naturally I had to purchase this hair wax from Skinfood; I have tried their Olive Hair Oil and Lychee spray which were both good.  The Mango Soft Cream Wax smells of Mango and protects the hair, hydrates and defines.  It contains mango extract, squalane and maltose.

Skinfood Mango Soft Cream Wax

I’m not usually into hair waxes – I have long hair and somehow I always seem to over apply and it clumps together, it looks unnatural and greasy too.

Firstly let’s get onto texture!

The texture of this wax is soft – it’s like a cream more than anything which I like as I hate ‘waxy’ waxes or anything too thick and solid.  This is perfect texture wise although my hair is dry – on fine hair it may be too rich.

It smells like mango; beautiful mango, I love it but of course if you aren’t into mangoes or you don’t want to smell like one then DON’T buy this product!

This product somehow works on damp or dry hair. Applied on dry hair it sunk in, not looking greasy or limp (provided you just use a 50p piece or less).

I really like this wax – I do think it hydrated, reduced frizz, smells nice and just generally added some texture and shape.

Mango Soft Cream Wax

I don’t think this wax added any hold at all; just some shape which suits me find as I rarely style my hair into any defined type of look.


I like this product a lot! If you like mangoes, if you like quite natural hair styles and a product which adds hydration to the hair but not control then you may want to try this!

I bought it from eBay for about £8.

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  1. says

    This sounds lovely and mmmmm mangoes!

    Being Pakistani I was brought up eating mangoes from Pakistan and India. I just can’t seem to appreciate the firmer, greener mangoes from Brazil and the like. I love the yellow, soft, creamy, fragrant ones! And now I want. =(

  2. says

    Mmmangoes! I would love this 😉 All I need is frizz control for my hair, not hold, so I think this would work great!
    Do you ever participate in giveaways? I have one in honor of loving UK beauty bloggers going right now 😀 Can I put a link to my blog in comments?
    Thanks :)

  3. Penoirz says

    YEAH Asian mangoes FTW!! nothing beats them!
    when we went to Cuba, this old granny (avec long white beard) sold us some mango ice cream from her sitting was full of wispy strands which for a brief (but very alarming) moment we thought had come off the old granny’s furry chin chin..oh how we laughed. eventually – needless to say, I really dont rate South American mangoes but if I ever ran out of dental floss, I guess they’d be my plan B:)

    oh yeah they also have no flavour

    rant. over.

  4. Jen says

    Mmmmmmm mango…I’d be quite happy just sniffing this product, it would make me smile :)
    The lychee spray sounds pretty yummy too!