Because I’m on a budget: L’oreal Drugstore Haul

Something happened to me this morning. I woke up and I didn’t want anything. No lemmings. No cosmetic must haves. Nada. I am bored of the winter collections already and the pound is at an huge low next to the dollar so I can’t even buy anything from overseas.

Another thing I noticed this morning is how crummy my eyelashes look now that the perm is falling out. It’s been about 6 weeks and they are looking thin, unruly and half curled, half straight. Not a happy bunny.

So my problem with Japanese mascaras is that they are fantastic for lengthening and waterproof qualities, but its also a bummer to get off and they tend to lack volume. Waterproof mascara’s are also slightly drying and crunchy…I wanted thick, soft, full lashes for once, dammit.

That made me thing. My first mascara purchase was L’oreal Voluminous Mascara – it didn’t work for me back then. Too thick, too heavy, ran down my face.

So what I am basically getting at is I got a lunchtime lemming for L’oreal Voluminous! It turns out Superdrug has a 3 for 2 offer on – so I ventured to the make up stall-thing…you know I don’t normally frequent the cheap make up brand stalls right? I just don’t. It’s not even that cheap! Some of the lipsticks were £12.99! The new mascara was £9.99? Isn’t that almost MAC/Clinique prices? Geez.

Anyway I got my mascara in Black, Carbon Liquid Eyeliner and a neutral eyeshadow palette as my free gift.

Urgh, look at the horrible brushes! But we don’t care about that at £6.99. The colours are medium pigmented but with a drop of water, they are much stronger. Duckface, Penelope Cruz is on the front.

The brush is really interesting! It’s spongy:

Ooh! It’s lovely pigmented:

Then the blessed mascara –

A large old school brush:

Quick look with the three items:

The mascara is lovely and it wasn’t too bad with the curl – no clumping either.

You have to excuse my eye – I’m not sure what it was but it wouldn’t stop watering. I have a feeling it was my RMK base (RMK bases, certainly the highlighting luminizers) contain alcohol and my eyes were not liking it at all today.

The liquid eyeliner dries fairly quickly – it needs 2 dips to cover the whole eyelid but I really like it! It’s a true black and although the tip isn’t super thin, you can still get a good line from it.

See me tears? anyway, the colours from the shadow palettes are simple nudes – shade 1 is not a highlighter as it is too dirty toned to use as a highlight or an all over base. Nevertheless, its a pretty palette and works for everyday.

Overall I am happy with all my purchases! I have to say, I won’t be running back to the L’oreal counter anytime soon, purely because everything on there was tame – I like innovative products, new colours, new textures, etc. etc. but I highly recommend the mascara and the eyeliner especially!

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  1. says

    You’re not the only one disinterested in this season’s offerings; it’s almost as if, beauty companies, wary of the impending economic downturn, decided not the invest that much in creating and marketing interesting products.

    That, or we’re pretty much all shopped out. I figure, it must be the latter. I purchased and sampled so many products that I pretty have everything that I need at this point, cosmetics-wise.

  2. Natalie says

    The applicator on the L’Oreal eyeliner is just like the one on the Lancome liquid eyeliner. I find that they don’t hold enough product and are a lot harder to control.