Because I just can’t buy one: Paul & Joe Make Up Brushes Pinceau Review!

eBay is a really good place to get some make up brush bargains PROVIDED that you know what you are looking for and use trusted sellers with good feedback.

You can get good discounts but obviously be sensible – no one is selling a full range of MAC brushes for £9.99!

I purchase these Paul & Joe Brushes from eBay for an average of £10 each. Not bad huh! They retail for a lot more.

They come in this packaging:

Paul Joe Make Up Brushes

The handle on these brushes for me is what makes them special – so gorgeous with a vintage feel. However – they are lightweight plastic when you get them.  This is a good thing because it doesn’t make your arm ache, however…it would’ve felt more luxurious if they were heavier.

Here they are:

1 – Face Powder Brush, a large black, fluffy brush.

2 – Face Colour Brush, a medium sized blush brush

3 – Eye Colour Brush L, a blending brush

4 – Eye Colour Brush S, a brush for blending or placing colour, quite a standard shaped brush

Paul Joe Make Up Brushes 2

So my brush collection is rather big so I really don’t need anything else but these are just too pretty to resist.

The hair on these brushes are beautiful, really soft, they don’t moult and are a pleasure to use.  They feel nice in the hand and just generally work well; I guess there are a lot of brushes that have similar functions from high end ranges – I would say that this Paul & Joe is well worth choosing if you like pretty packaging and want a super duper soft hair. I think it’s better than MAC and Nars for softness although the range is not that big in comparison with those heavyweights.

Can you be swayed by a pretty brush?!

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