Beauty Yay or Nay?: Liz Jones Semi Permanent Brows and Lash Extensions

So Liz Jones is in the Daily Mail today reporting on two procedures she had (two minor, non evasive procedures unless…you don’t like needles). Semi Permanent Brows and Lash Extensions.

If you don’t know Liz, she is a British Journalist and Writer. She has ruffled a lot of feathers with quite a few of her views and articles, but I can’t hate her cos she’s a cat momma like me.

Anyway – what do you think of her transformation (full details on The Daily Mail site).

I think the brows look like a nice shape but are quite dark (no idea if that is Liz’s natural hair colour, but I wonder what happens if you want to lighten your hair? I guess the tattoos fade in time anyway). The lashes are gorgeous (in fact Kelly who is did Liz’s lashes is doing mine on Friday. Just thought I’d get that in…)

liz jones.jpg

Liz Jones’ Make Over – Yay or Nay?

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  1. liloo says

    oh no, what a shame, eyebrows are way way way too dark. shape is gorgeous though. loving the lashes, they open up the eyes so much. despite understandable wrinkles, liz has such amazin skin and cheekbones structure & gorgeous hair. I really hope the tattoos will fade in time.

  2. Wendy says

    Brows would look better if she didnt look like she had been dug up, Im a massive Liz Jones fan but even though she spends a fortune on her look she still looks like the mum from the Adams Family. I have been toying with the Idea of semi permanant brows I have Lash extensions done every 2 weeks Im sure you will love yours when you have them done Candy I dont know how much yours will cost but if you like them and want them done all the time I have a friend that does them from home for £60 full set and £20 infills she is in Hale she also Threads Brows.
    Spook74 xx

  3. says

    Yay to the lashes (so stunning!) but nay to the brows (too dark and harsh.) I can’t wait to see your lashes!!

  4. Joy says

    Her brows suit her [horrible] personality. They look like they were done with a Sharpie. And don’t get me started on the horrible overly pink troweled-on foundation.

  5. says

    I love the lashes (I’m lusting after them now), but the brows look too fake. Perhaps she can powder them or something until they fade. Semi-permanent anything on your face just seems like a shifty idea.

  6. says

    @ Joy
    Yes, whoever did her base, it seemed to exaggerate and enhance wrinkles and crows feet her before photo otherwise did not show.

  7. liloo says

    @shadow she didnt have a large smile in the before picture, that’s why the wrinkles are not showing as much
    @joy woah i didnt know she was a horrible person. I dont even know who she is

  8. natual-effects says

    Hi, I am in the process of training to be a semi perm makeup tech. I know what you mean about Liz’s eyebrows, they do look too dark. BUT they always look too dark for a few weeks, then they fade and you have a touchup, when they can actually be lightened a little bit if needed. Seriously guys, if you go ahead and have this procedure you need to be prepared for them to heal, and then fade, but what you should be left with is a natural complimentary colour. Like I say, they fade, and, they can once totally healed be lightened up . Hope this helps! If anyone is thinking of having semi perm makeup , make sure your technician explains every with you, and you have a say in the design and colour of the procedure. I know I am going to fully inform, and help my clients every inch of the way. I want them to love the look, and feel confident and natural, not hard and over done!

  9. says

    Hello Ladies,

    I’m Hazel, the actual technician who did Liz Jones Eyebrows!
    Liz Jones came to Harrods mid January and I have to say, regardless of what everyone say’s about her, I think she’s cool! and at the end of the day, she’s a human being, like us all… are any of us perfect! Ahhh, Yes indeed her brows do look very dark, I must admit, when I saw the article myself, I thought
    ( oh gosh everyone is going to think how unnaturally dark they look) However, the photo taken of Liz’s eyebrows was actually immediately afterwards!! Whether It be the Brows, Eyeliner or Lips, it will always have a dark appearance to begin with and usually takes 7- 14 days to lighten.
    Semi-Permanent Makeup is an art form and not an exact science, On average two treatments would be applicable before it’s deemed complete and in some cases additional follow ups over the evolving months, all depending on the skin’s absorption to the pigments.. The colour should remain in the skin from 2-5 years, top ups are advised every 12-18 months ( very normal for it to fade)

    I did my training with the leading training school (Finishing Touches) Specialising in the 3D hair by hair stoke, creating a natural, yet realistic Eyebrows, Fashion Eyelner and natural eyeliner, also fabulous lip blush and Ooo La Laaah once your lips are done, they look fuller and sassy!
    Semi-Permanent makeup is for any woman who is tired of drawing their eyebrows on every day or want perfectly defined eyes when there on holiday and for those who may have Alopecia/Chemo therapy…

    The Urban Retreat @ Harrods is UKs Number 1 Salon. Call Today for a consultaion 0207 893 8333 – I will be able to show you close ups of my art work within my extensive portfolio, patch testing and of course… Meet your expectations!
    Will be introducing medical reconstruction in the near future, enquire for more details.

    Thank you to All my clients, because of you, I’m fulfilling my great passion in Cosmetic tatooing (SPMU) – I Love what I do.

    Hazel :)