Beauty Yay or Nay? Cheryl’s Bee Stung Lips

I don’t know many people Cheryl Cole doesn’t annoy, apart from…well, me. But anyway, the Daily Mail suspect Chezza, despite being a very beautiful girl has had a touch of the collagen lip:

Cheryl Cole has joined the bee stung brigade - but why DOES any woman inflate her lips? | Mail Online.jpg

It definitely looks a lot thicker, especially her top lip. Could it be plumping gloss? My lips swell up like crazy if I use Lip Venom (never again) or eat Chilli. Chezza doesn’t need lip plumping, if she has actually done it – her lips are already quite full:

cheryl cole.jpg

I think celebs just get bored and start messing with their faces. The lip thing I don’t get (yep I have thick lips – my mother used to ask me as a kid ‘why are you pouting?’ – ermmm I’m not.)

If I had super thin non existent lips would I get surgery? Hmmm. It would cross my mind but I think I personally would rely on the magic of plumping gloss, lipliner and tabasco sauce.

‘Article’ here.

What do you think? Did Cheryl get some lip stuff done? Does she need it? Would you do it?

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