Beauty Yay or Nay? Bradley Cooper and his Uneven Fake Tan

Bradley Cooper, one of those actors who I can’t associate with any film of any substance appeared at the Valentine’s Day (The Film!) premiere the other day looking like….well, what is it?:

Renee Zellweger_s boyfriend Bradley Cooper suffers a tanning disaster | Mail Online.jpg

Oh let me guess, it didn’t look like that when he left the house?

Some people suggested that this wasn’t fake tan, it was just that he got a real tan and the sun didn’t reach the beardy bits. I would suggest that a real tan wouldn’t have made him a shade of Tango, and nor would it be so unnatural and streaky towards his beard.

There would be nothing more unappealing for me anyway (for me I said, oh ladies who are dating metrosexuals) than a man using fake tan. A bit of translucent powder for photos – YES. Fake tan and waxed butt cracks, NO.

For me this is a beauty NAY.

What say you?

Article here.

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  1. says

    I dated a guy who used to fake tan his face – he had a similar stubble length to Bradley, and the area of the beardy bits would go totally muddy and orange! I ripped the piss out of him as thoroughly as possible, but it wasn’t until he saw a photo of his tanga-coloured face that he finally admitted defeat. He’d also get dirty-looking marks behind the ears from it. All of this was repulsive to me at the time, and now, looking back, it is absolutely abhorrent! Vain men are a no-no.